5 Tips To Beat The Winter Bulge


It’s that time of year where it’s all too easy to live in your baggy sweaters that hide the few extra winter kilos you suspect are on the way… Not this year. Beat the bulge this winter by keeping your body in top fat-burning shape, while following these 5 easy tips – because summer bodies are made in winter!

1.   Soak up some sun
A lack of sunlight can trigger a drop in serotonin, the brain’s feel-good chemical, leading to depression – and cravings. Avoid carb binges by getting as much natural light as possible; you’ll benefit even if it’s overcast. Drink your morning cup of coffee outside, work by a window (if you can), and try and walk for at least 15 minutes during your lunch break.

2.   Don’t cut out all carbs
To make sure your serotonin level doesn’t drop low enough to trigger an all-out binge, you’ll want to eat some carbs like pasta, bread and starchy vegetables such as baked potatoes, corn and squash. Save them for late afternoon and early evening, when serotonin dips and cravings tend to start.

3.   Get friendly with winter veggies
Fresh produce that’s naturally in-season in winter is your secret weapon for keeping off the kilos. Fill your plate with dark-green and orange fruits and veggies like broccoli, carrots, kale, oranges, spinach, sweet potatoes, Swiss chard and winter squash.

4.   Be smart about comfort food
Comfort food doesn’t have to be high in calories! Try a warming bowl of home-made vegetable soup, or a slow-cooked casserole with lots of root vegetables.

5.   Rethink your winter drinks
It’s hard to resist a rich and creamy hot chocolate or warming glass of sherry or port on a cold evening, but drinking your calories is a sure way to pack on the winter padding. Rather stick to healthier alternatives like hot tea or plain coffee, or if you have an insatiable craving for the real deal, indulge in the smallest portion possible.

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