5 ways to end 2017 with a bang

Five ways to end your year with a bang with Herbex

We’ve reached the end of another year and Herbex is ready to kick back and celebrate.

But don’t let the festive season derail your weight-loss journey. Here are five ways Herbex will help you celebrate the holiday without denying yourself the accompanying treats:

  1. December is all about popping the champagne and enjoying cocktails around the pool. But make wise drinks choices like dry white wine and spritzers, and remember that research has proved people who drink make less healthy food choices.
  2. Consider using one of our best-selling products such as Herbex Attack the Fat Syrup and Tablets, which help reduce excess food intake by curbing hunger pangs, or Herbex Fat Burn Concentrate which use Green Tea and Guarana to boost metabolism, burning calories and fat. They have helped thousands of men and women to reach and remain at their goal weights.
  3. Prepare in advance for your cravings to hit. This could be mid-afternoon, or after dinner. Have tasty yet healthy snacks on hand.
  4. If you’re dining out, choose friends who go for salads rather than cheese burgers. Research has shown we tend to order something from the same category as those at our table.
  5. Don’t skip meals. Eating fewer than three meals a day usually means you end up consuming additional calories by snacking.
  6. After being named as South Africa’s best diet formula by readers of The Star and the Pretoria News, the year is concluding on a high note, and we want to make sure that Herbex fans share our joy at this good news.Have a Great end to the year from all of us at Herbex


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