6 ways to motivate yourself to hit the gym after work


Everyone has that moment after a long workday when all you want to do is get home and hit the couch – even though you totally planned to go to gym. Here’s how to do it even if you really don’t feel like it:

#1 Keep lunch light
To fight midday fatigue, eat a light meal like a wrap or salad with a complex carbohydrate, fruit or vegetable, and protein. Also, avoid foods with refined carbs or lots of sugar, which can cause you to crash later in the day.

#2 Pack a snack
Eating a light snack about 45 minutes before your workout will give you an energy boost to get past the afternoon slump and work harder at the gym.

#3 Change before you leave work
This cancels out going home first and the temptation of sitting down for just 5 minutes on the couch before getting ready. Which inevitably leads to No Gym Land.

#4 Use the Buddy System
Meeting a friend for a workout will make you less likely to back out, and you can catch up while you’re sweating it out.

#5 Treat treats as motivation
If you look forward to a glass of wine or block of chocolate at the end of your day, turn that little treat into a reward for your workout. No workout? No treat.

#6 Set the bar REALLY low
Tell yourself that you only have to gym for 15 minutes. This seems a lot easier to commit to than a full hour, and once you’re there, you’re more than likely to stay longer anyway.

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