6 Ways to stay healthy during the change of seasons

A change of season always seems to bring about a case of the sniffles, or worse – flu. That’s because your body undergoes changes as the seasons change. This could affect certain genes and hormones that impact not only on your immune system, but also on things like your insulin sensitivity and body weight.

So try these 6 easy changes to help your body adjust to the changing seasons.

1.    Drink lots of water

On cold days it’s a lot more tempting to sip on hot drinks like coffee, tea or hot chocolate. However, it’s water that keeps your organs and tissues hydrated and flushing out any toxins that may enter your body, possibly weakening your immune system. So by drinking lots of water you’ll not only stay hydrated, but also prevent your body from getting sick easier.

2.    Boost your immune system

The perfect time to boost your immune system is before all the nasty winter bugs do the rounds. Do this naturally by eating fruits and vegetables that contain various vitamins and minerals. You can also start taking an immune boosting supplement to build up your immune system before winter.

3.     Always eat foods that are in season

Seasonal foods naturally offer higher nutritional content than out of season unripe fruits and vegetables. In autumn and winter, turn toward warming foods which include carrots, sweet potato, onions and garlic and some spices and seasonings such as ginger, pepper corns and mustard seeds.

4.      Rest

By sleeping at least 8 hours per night, you give your nervous and immune systems time to “recharge” throughout the night. This will boost your immune system, give you more energy and also allow your nervous system to function more effectively to help you handle stress.

5.       Wear layers

As winter approaches, weather conditions can change suddenly from morning to night. When you go from inside where it’s warm to outside where it’s suddenly cold, the body’s regulation mechanisms can be caught unaware. This can trigger changes in temperature that affect the immune system as it tries to keep up. To alleviate the toll on your body, dress in layers and take off and put back on as needed.

6.      Commit to exercise

Don’t let the cold weather stop you from moving! Exercise is a great way to keep your body strong and healthy so try to stick to your exercise routine as much as possible – moving indoors if it’s too cold or rainy to be outdoors.

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  1. Tash

    is it rite for me to use herbex tea nd tablets nd dropes at de same time?

    • Herbex Team

      Hi Tash. Yes absolutely! Our products complement each other well and can be used together safely