7 Fun (and healthy!) ways to celebrate Women’s Day

If you’re like most women, Women’s Day on Tuesday 9 August is just a day off to catch up on admin or chores. But why not do it right this year and use the day for what it was originally intended – to take the time and celebrate all the strong and wonderful women of South Africa. And yes, that includes you.
No idea what to do? Try some of these fun and healthy ways to make the most of your Women’s Day without breaking the bank or your healthy eating plan.

Take some well-deserved ‘me time’.
Taking time to relax is good for your body and mind, so if you feel like curling up and getting stuck into that new bestseller or hogging the remote to catch up on your favourite series, you’re allowed to do so – guilt-free.

Have lunch with the girls.
With busy schedules and loads of commitments, you’re probably way overdue for a proper girly get-together. Book a table at your favourite spot and get your girlfriends together for a leisurely (but still healthy) lunch that will nourish your body and your soul.

Go for a walk.
Put on your walking shoes and feel your mind clear as your lungs fill with fresh air. Enjoy the solitude and let your mind wander, or rope in a friend to enjoy the walk with you.

Reconnect with an old friend.
We meet many amazing women during our lifetime, and sometimes we lose touch, despite our best efforts. Women’s Day is the perfect excuse to phone them up, have a skype chat or even just send a Whatsapp message to find out how they are.

Watch a movie on the big screen.
If it’s been a while since you’ve seen a movie that wasn’t animated, this is your perfect excuse to grab a box of popcorn and a bottle of water, and sit back and relax for two wonderful hours without any interruptions.

Get your hands dirty.
There’s something about the fresh, earthy smell of overturned soil. Plant something beautiful just for yourself or simply give your garden a little TLC and feel your stresses disappear.

Book a pamper session.
Spoil yourself with a rejuvenating facial, a mani or pedi to make your nails look extra pretty, or a relaxing massage to melt all those tense muscles and make you feel fresh and renewed.

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