7 Healthy packed lunch ideas for you and your man

Let’s be honest, it’s NOT easy to stay motivated to pack healthy lunches for work. But the alternative – often something unhealthy from the lunch trolley, tuck shop or take-away around the corner – leaves a lot to be desired for your health and that of your man.

So have a look at these 7 easy and healthy lunch ideas and get back into the habit of eating healthy – all day long.

Chicken left-overs salad

Put leftovers to good use when preparing your lunches. Slice leftover chicken and serve it on top of salad greens or mix it into a grain salad for a super easy, super healthy meal.

Bulk it up for your man: Add two slices of wholewheat bread to his lunchbox, and he can use some of the salad’s avo to put on his toast.

Beef left-overs stir-fry

Got some left-over beef? Slice up some fresh veggies like red, yellow and green peppers, baby marrows, broccoli and cabbage and give it a quick stir-fry. Add the leftover meat and voila, you have a nutritious meal ready for lunchtime.

Bulk it up for your man: Add some wholewheat noodles to the stir-fry for a more filling lunch.

Spinach & feta microwave frittata  

This is a quick and delicious lunch option if you have a microwave at work. Put a good amount of fresh, uncooked spinach in a bowl, along with some low-fat feta. Scramble 2 or 3 eggs in a cup, pour over the spinach and feta and mix well. Season with salt and pepper, and pop into the microwave to cook for about 2-3 minutes, stirring once half-way.

Bulk it up for your man: Simply add more eggs to make this meal even more filling.

No-bun ostrich burger

Ostrich is a great choice for a super healthy, low-fat meal. Pop some ostrich burgers in the oven and grill under the element until slightly brown (no oil needed). Garnish the cooked patty with your favourite burger toppings and then wrap it in a large lettuce leaf to create a no-bun burger you can easily eat with your hands.

Bulk it up for your man: Topping the burger with low-fat cheese will make it more filling, or add grilled mushrooms for a delicious topping.

Grilled chicken and pineapple stack

This low-carb option is delicious with a sweet twist. Slice a chicken fillet lengthways in half and cook in a bit of coconut oil until brown. Add a couple of tinned pineapples to the pan and grill lightly. Place the chicken and pineapple on top of the other to create a stack, with fresh tomato on the side.

Bulk it up for your man: Put the chicken fillet and pineapple on a seeded roll to make a healthy burger.

Crunchy tuna wrap

Turn the traditional tuna-mayo sandwich into a low-fat option by using non-fat Greek yoghurt instead of mayo. Add roasted or raw red peppers, a handful of chopped celery and baby spinach and then wrap it up in a whole-wheat wrap for a crunchy lunchtime treat.

Bulk it up for your man: Pack two wholewheat wraps instead of one.

Homemade soup

With cooler days around the corner, low-fat, healthy and filling homemade soup is the perfect lunchtime solution. Make a big pot and freeze portions that you can simply grab out of the freezer on days when you don’t have time to prepare food.

Bulk it up for your man: Add lots of meat to your soup to make it nice and filling, and pack some fresh bread to enjoy with it.

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