8 Signs that you’re on track to reach your ideal weight

Your weight-loss journey is always going to be a series of ups and downs. Some days you’ll do better than others, and some days you’ll feel like all your hard work is for nothing. It’s on days like those that you need a little perspective, so here are some signs that you’re doing great (even if you don’t feel like it):

1.    You’re not focused on being ‘perfect’ all the time

Life happens, and sometimes you just have to roll with the punches. Being on the right track to reach your ideal weight means that you take little setbacks in your stride, and make the best decisions you can at that difficult moment, rather than saying ‘screw it’ and giving up because you haven’t been ‘perfect’.

2.    You don’t rely on motivation alone

Instead of relying on self-motivation (which disappears quite quickly and can be exhausting), you’ve made healthy choices and activities a habit that now forms part of your lifestyle, without you having to even think about it.

3.    You have goals for yourself, but you’re not so results-driven that you can’t appreciate the journey

You still have that end-result in mind, but you realise that it will take time to get there. The big goal might still be a long way off, but you’ve found small goals to reach in the meantime, and healthy ways to reward your efforts.

4.    You’ve learned that slowly does it

You used to try starvation diet and gimmicks, but they never worked for long. You now know that there is no magic wand but that every time you choose to eat better and increase your physical activity, you feel better.

5.    You’ve found a form of exercise that you enjoy doing

It doesn’t matter what activity it is, but you found something you look forward to or at the very least don’t mind doing at least a couple of times per week.

6.    You’ve learned what your triggers are

You’re not foolish enough anymore to think that you can keep junk food at home and resist the temptation to eat it. You now know what your emotional triggers are, and what you need to do to stay away from temptation.

7.    You don’t weigh yourself every day

You know that the scale can be a big, fat liar, which is why you only weigh yourself once a week, or even better – rather focus on how you look and feel, rather than fixate on a number on the scale.

8.    You listen to expert health advice, but only with one ear

When you started your weight-loss journey, the overload of conflicting health and weight-loss information was probably a bit overwhelming. Today you can read a health newsletter or article, sift through the stuff that isn’t important, and make the right decision for YOU.

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