8 Ways to winter-proof your workout

Let’s face it, hibernating isn’t going to burn you any kilojoules. Winter-proof your workout and your waistline this year with our 8 ways to keep moving and get some fun indoor exercise ideas to boot.

1. Embrace the cold weather
To stay motivated during winter you need to change your mind-set about the cold weather. Sure, curling up under a blanket and binge-watching your favourite series is going to be very tempting when it’s freezing outside. But, rather focus on how invigorated you’ll feel after a quick run in the crisp, cold air, or the wonderfully hot shower you’ll enjoy after a workout. You can always hit the couch after.

2. Gear up for the cold
If you’re going to be training outside, or even just travelling between home and gym in the cold weather, you need clothing that will keep you warm enough even in sweaty gym clothes. You don’t have to spend a fortune, just invest in some key items that you can layer for warmth.

3. Stay active throughout the day
There’s no need to always do a long workout. If you’re busy at work or at home, on a tight schedule, or just feeling the winter blues, it’s better to set goals that involve an accumulation of exercise, like walking up the stairs five times over the course of the day.

4. Avoid the couch and warm up inside
If you’re planning a session after work, get into your active wear immediately once you get home or better yet, get dressed before leaving work. And don’t sit down on the couch, as you probably won’t get back up. Before going outside, get some active stretches in like leg swings, butt kicks or jumping jacks. This will get the blood flowing to your muscles and joints, warm you up, and raise your energy levels.

5. Make yourself accountable
When you tell a friend you’re meeting them for a workout, you’re definitely more likely to go as you don’t want to let them down. Besides that, exercising with a friend is a lot more fun!

6. Take up a winter sport
If you’re a competitive type, or not a fan of commercial gyms, why not try a winter sport? From action netball to indoor soccer and cricket, there are great options that will put a whole new twist on your cold-weather workout plans.

7. Get creative at home
If you really can’t bear the cold, think about investing in a workout DVD, maybe getting some dumbbells, or just using your own bodyweight for a killer workout. You don’t even have to get out of your tracksuit pants.

8. Try something new
There’s nothing like signing up for a new class or joining something different to get you up and moving during chilly months. By trying something new, you reignite your motivation for fitness, cold weather and all! You could try one of these indoor activities:

• Guaranteed to get your heart pumping along with your leg muscles.
• Build up a good sweat as you learn fun dance routines.
• High intensity and good fun, this is an old indoor favourite.
• Enjoy a high-energy workout that will leave you energised.
Yoga or pilates
• Strengthen and lean out your entire body in a relaxed setting.
Dancing lessons
• Hip hop or ballroom – you’ll be fit as a fiddle in no time.
• Get a full body workout that’s low intensity but highly effective.

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