Bat wings, Vibro trainers and the gym…

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1. Question:

I joined a gym today and I wanna know can I possible see the difference. I was told that I’ll first gain I just don’t get why and which machines must I use the most?

1. Answer from Carla:

Muscle weighs more than fat. If you are following a toning or strength training exercise program you will be gaining lean muscle mass. Try to focus on your measurements more than your scale weight. To get a more accurate idea of how much body fat you have in comparison to your lean muscle mass you can have it checked by a Personal Fitness Trainer or a biokineticist. You should start seeing results between 8-12 weeks if you follow a healthy diet and regular exercise program. You can follow the circuit at the gym. Perform each exercise 3 sets of 15 and start off with a light weight.

2. Question:

Need help with my bat wings!

2. Answer from Carla our trainer:

Exercise to tone up those arms: rTricep dips Sit at the edge of a bench/ couch / bed. Put your hands at your sides and hold onto the edge, make sure that your hands are shoulder width apart, bend your knees, feet together. Keep your tummy tight and your back straight. Slowly bend your arms and lower your body off the seat. Next lift your body back up using your arms into the starting position using your arms. Perform 3 sets of 12-15 Remember to follow a healthy die.

3. Question:

Vibro trainers help to burn fat etc and if u have a machine must u do other exercises as well

3. Answer from Carla our trainer:

The vibro machine is great for circulation. You need to follow a healthy diet and a regular cardio program at least 20-30minutes of walking/running/jogging/skipping or dancing at least 3x week. I would recommend that you also follow a toning program for your tummy area.

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