Cayenne Pepper (from our Dietician chat, 2 April)

Q: Is it true that cayenne pepper speeds up ones metabolism if taken with meals?

Answer from Kim: It has been shown that the properties in cayenne pepper can speed up the metabolism. However I would not rely solely on those properties. By having small regular meals and exercising regularly your metabolism will also increase.

Answer from Herbex: A lot of our Herbex weight-loss tablets contain Cayenne Pepper (Capsicum Frutescens), for example Age Group Weight-loss, Fat Burn tablets and Fat Burn for Men tablets.

Consuming cayenne has shown to have a positive effect on circulation. Cayenne instantly stimulates blood flow. It dilates arterial walls and cuts through mucus in the veins, thus increasing circulation to the extremities and helping to lower blood pressure. It strengthens the heart, arteries, capillaries and the nerves. Cayenne has been shown to reduce cholesterol levels.

* If you are uncertain about the benefits or risk to your health, we recommend that you speak to your doctor.

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  1. Alinah Thoabala

    Herbex fat burn drops after I take 45 drops during 10days as they say then thereafter how many drops should I take? is it safe to use Herbex products whilst I take Bayers asprin to thin blood?