Control your cravings

Control those cravings with a cuppa!

We all know the best way to control cravings is to eat regularly so that your blood sugar remains stable. But, if you find yourself searching for something to nibble all the time, especially through the colder, winter months, you might see a slightly…umm, heavier you come spring. Rather make a cup of tea before you grab another unhealthy snack. We have a wide selection of delicious teas in our Herbex range that will help curb your appetite. Not only will it warm you up, you will also benefit from the additional weight-loss properties! As they say: summer bodies are made in winter.

Herbex Slimmers Fat Burn Tea formula is an effective combination of 6 herbs which will assist weight-loss by burning stored fats. Regular use will help you get into shape and love the way you look. Herbex Slimmers Fat Burn Tea is available in Original, Honey (NEW) and Lemon & Mint (NEW).

Also available in the Herbex Tea range:

Herbex Slimmers Detox Tea

Herbex Slimmers Eat-less Tea

Herbex Slimmers Metabolism Tea


Simply put, metabolism is the process in which the body breaks down organic matter (such as the food you eat) and converts it into the energy required to keep the body functioning. Your metabolism is working all the time – whether you are running, watching TV or sleeping. The trick to healthy weight-loss is to keep your metabolism high and burn more calories than what you take in, but enough to keep your body functioning healthily.

The Herbex product range consists of a comprehensive array of supplements that are totally natural, 100 percent safe and contain no harmful chemicals or additives. All ingredients are sourced from quality suppliers around the world. We emphasise that Herbex products should not be perceived as a quick-fix solution to weight-loss but as part of a programme that includes a healthy eating plan, exercise, drinking water and appropriate supplementation.

The Herbex Tea range is available at Dis-Chem, Clicks, selected supermarkets including PnP, Shoprite, Checkers, Jetmart, Spar and pharmacies.

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