How to exercise for your body type

If you’re frustrated by your body shape and think there’s nothing you can do about it, you’re wrong. Your body type influences how you respond to exercise, so it makes sense to work with, and not against, your body for better results.

Find your shape below for a quick guide on body-specific solutions.

Body Type: Pear
Problem areas: Hips, thighs and butt

Those with large bottoms are carrying around extra subcutaneous fat. While this type of fat is actually healthier than belly fat, it is also harder to get rid of. That’s because subcutaneous fat has less blood flow and holds onto calories, which makes it tough to burn off.

Solution: Lower-body focused power moves, total-body strength training and endurance cardio.

While it’s important to tighten and tone your lower body, you also need to even out your heavier lower half by creating a stronger, more defined upper body to balance out your shape. Combine cardio and strength into each workout to help you burn more calories and develop metabolically active lean muscle mass at the same time.

Try our cellulite busting workout to target lower-body problem areas and combine that with Herbex Fat Burn Concentrate.

Body Type: Apple
Problem area: Waist

If you’re struggling to get rid of a thick middle, you’re battling visceral fat, the fat located in your abdominal region that surrounds vital organs. While this fat is easier to get rid of than subcutaneous fat, it is also worse for you. People with large middles tend to have higher levels of cortisol, which slows your metabolism and also breaks down muscle, making you hard-wired to store fat.

Solution: Metabolic disturbance training to speed metabolism and burn belly fat.

To speed up your metabolism and burn belly fat, do interval training that involves sudden bursts of high-intensity movement alternated with lower intensity movement. For instance, using an exercise stepper, warm up at a moderate pace for two to five minutes. Then crank up the pace for 30 seconds to one minute, making sure your heart rate has increased. Go back to the more moderate pace and repeat 5 to 8 times.

Don’t forget to stretch! Try our stretches to keep your muscles supple and strong.

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Body type: Hourglass
Problem area: Thighs, upper arms, belly pooch

Hourglass shapes are typically very curvy both on the top and bottom, with a smaller appearing waist. And while you probably have plenty of feminine curves in all the right places, you may also have a higher body-fat percentage, which is typically most noticeable in the arms, thighs, and lower abs region.

Solution: Total-body sculpting and fat-burning cardio

In order to look in the mirror and see an enviable hourglass frame with curves in all the right places, it’s crucial to not only target your waist but your hips and thighs as well. And don’t forget to incorporate some upper body exercises to shape up your arms and shoulders.

Try our tums and bums workout to tighten up all over without losing your curves and remember to hydrate – try Herbex Fat Burn Concentrate.

Body type: Straight or boyish
Problem area: No curves

If you have a thin, straight frame, you might be longing for more curves. And while you may not need to lose weight, there’s serious risk attached to the term “skinny fat” (having a high body-fat percentage despite a low or normal scale weight). In fact, studies show this condition can pose just as much risk to your health as obesity or even smoking!

Solution: Muscle-building strength routine and cardio

A strength-building workout will help improve body composition and add definition to your straight figure. Calorie burning doesn’t need to be your main focus, but it’s still a good idea to throw in a few cardio sessions per week to help improve overall endurance, stamina and health.

Try our women’s general workout to help add strength and shape to your frame. Also try Herbex’s Body Care Range for a great smooth healthy skin.

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