Exercising in Winter


Let’s be honest – letting go of the warm embrace of your cosy bed on a frosty, pitch-black winter morning to exercise is HARD! So how can you make it less dreadful?

#1 Heat up your bedroom before getting up:
Find a heater with a remote, and as soon as your alarm goes off, turn the heater on full blast. Within a few minutes, your room will be toasty warm and getting out of bed will be less daunting.

#2 Tune your alarm:
Use your iPod or smartphone to wake you up with a song that you know will lift your mood and get you going.

#3 Be accountable:
Find someone who will commit to joining you in the morning for walks or workouts, and hold you accountable for not showing up.

#4 Warm-up indoors:
Do some jumping jacks, squats or push-ups in your living room before heading out. Not only will it get your heart rate going and your blood circulating, you’ll be less likely to get back into bed.

#5 Try something new:
Switch up your routine and get excited about exercise again by joining a new class at gym or trying a new walking/running route.

#6 Reward yourself:
Give yourself something to look forward to after your morning walk/run/workout in the bitter cold, like a hot cup of coffee with cinnamon sprinkles, a warm and nourishing breakfast or a steamy shower.

#7 Get your four-legged friends involved:
Dogs don’t care what the weather’s like. A wagging tail and disappointed eyes might just guilt you into getting up when you really don’t feel like it!

#8 Commit to ten minutes:
Tell yourself that you only have to exercise for ten minutes. Once you get going, chances are that you’ll keep on going even after your ten minutes are over. And if you don’t – at least you did something!

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