Fat Burn Products for Women

Natural Fat-Burning Ingredients and Products for Women in SA

Since the beginning of the diet industry, fat-burning products have been marketed towards women. And, while some products are perfectly safe to take and contain natural ingredients, others are full of chemicals and strong stimulants, and come with a long list of potential side effects. If you’re going to take fat-burning products, why not go natural?

There are many natural fat-burning products on the market today with many different, and possibly confusing, ingredients. This can be overwhelming when trying to decide which ones to choose, but there are a few ingredients that stand out. These are:

Green Tea

Green tea is probably one of the most popular natural fat-burning products. It contains caffeine, which increases metabolism, and helps you burn more energy at rest. You will lose weight if you burn more energy than you consume in a day. While drinking green tea alone will not help you lose weight if you still follow your old diet plan and do not exercise, it will save you a few minutes on the treadmill.

Drinking green tea with meals that contain carbohydrates will further help weight loss by lowering the glycaemic index. This means that your blood sugar levels will not increase as much. When your glucose levels are too high, insulin levels rise as well, which can trigger fat gain and hinder weight loss.

You can find green tea in a variety of Herbex products that promote fat burning, such as our Attack the Fat Tea, Slimmers Tea, and Fat Burn Concentrate for women.

Apple Cider Vinegar

You’ve probably heard at least a few women say that they drink apple cider vinegar either for their general health or to lose weight. There is a lot of confusion around how drinking it can help with fat burning, but we are here to clarify.

Apple cider vinegar helps your body to break down your food properly, which improves the absorption of nutrients that can promote weight loss. It also contains acetic acid, which when consumed with carbohydrates, can also lower the glycaemic index of meals.

We have added apple cider vinegar to our range of fat-burning products that are excellent for both men and women.


Cinnamon aids weight loss by also improving the blood sugar balance. When blood sugar levels are imbalanced, it can stimulate cravings, make you want to eat more, and make it harder to lose weight. This is why we have added cinnamon to our Herbex Slimmers Tea.

If you are one of the many women who are in search of natural fat-burning products, look out for these powerful ingredients that will all help you along your weight-loss journey and make it easier for you to lose fat.

If you are interested in purchasing natural fat-burning products for women, you can buy Herbex products at any Clicks, Dischem, or major retailer nationwide, or online at Takealot.com. Let us help you on your way with some of our products. Find a store today.

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