Fat, Weight Loss, and Herbex Fat Burning Tea

Fat, Weight Loss, and Herbex Fat Burning Tea

Herbex, our company that formulates and supplies herbal weight-loss supplements to South African consumers via a select group of countrywide retail outlets, has created a fat burning tea to help our customers lose and burn away stored excess fat.

Help, Assistance, and Support

Our Herbex fat burning tea may also be used to assist you in maintaining your weight loss, once you’ve shed the extra kilos that bother you. However, this tea isn’t a magic cure to remove or keep fat off; it’s designed to support weight loss, weight management, and weight maintenance. A magic cure does not exist. Herbex fat burning tea may additionally help to accelerate weight loss, also creating a conscious awareness of and motivation for your improved eating habits and food consumption.

Losing Weight is Tough

Let’s face it – unintentionally gaining weight is a breeze for most people; losing weight is seldom easy. In fact, losing weight is usually downright tough, because it typically entails changing your lifestyle to incorporate a healthy eating plan and including one or more exercise routines.

Burn, Baby, Burn

If you’ve ever attended sessions at the gym under the direction and supervision of a personal trainer, an aerobics session, step programme or other exercise or physical fitness class and training, you’ll have been given the instruction to  “feel it” and “make it burn”, while you’re sweating and struggling to keep going, let alone feeling “the burn”.

When endurance is required, your lungs may be burning already, long before your muscles do likewise. Why are you doing this? Why are you putting your body through such perceived, extreme torture? What keeps you going determinedly, despite the “burn”?

Nine times out of ten, weight loss is your only principal goal, hence all this burning. Moreover, your goal isn’t the prospect of experiencing burning pain in various parts of your body. Your ultimate goal is burning fat away, and ridding your body of excess fat.

More about Fat

A moderate amount of body fat is healthy, but excess fat is unhealthy and unnecessary for your wellbeing. Excess body fat, the unhealthy substance that you want and need to burn off, is not only that which is obviously visible, distorting the shape of your body, and slowing you down physically (sometimes mentally and emotionally too), but your body also carries a great deal of it internally.

Some internal body fat settles below your skin. In moderation, this fat layer is both healthy and an important natural protective measure to prevent excessive bruising, internal damage, and serious injury during accidental bumps, scrapes, and blunt force blows to the body. This fat layer acts as a shock absorbing cushion.

On the other hand, excessive subcutaneous fat alters the shape of your body and creating jelly-like wobbles when you walk or move. You prefer not to admit to it, but you may even cut the labels out of your clothes, because the size on the label is something which you’d prefer to keep hidden from others, because it embarrasses you. Now, your emotions are involved and they’re not happy feelings.

Something else that’s also negative plays a significant role and is located deeper within your body. It’s fat again, but this time it has accumulated and been stored around several of your vital internal organs, particularly the liver, stomach, pancreas, and intestines. This is known as visceral fat. Fat deposits may also be found around the heart. Wherever such deposits occur around internal organs, the vital functions of these organs may be impaired, leading or contributing to various medical conditions or diseases that may eventually prove fatal.

Burn Away with Herbex Tea

 Our Herbex fat burning teas are specially formulated from natural herbal ingredients and compounds to help you burn away fat and fatty deposits wherever they occur on and in the body. These tasty teas are available in four different variants/package sizes, so you’re bound to find one or more that suits your preference.

Herbex fat burning tea alone cannot rid you of excess weight without some help and co-operation from you too. However, one or two cups a day, combined with a healthy, nutritional eating plan and regular exercise (not necessarily of the painful muscle “burning” variety), will see you well on your way to burning away unwelcome fat.

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  1. Phumla Mabena

    I only add honey

  2. Phumla Mabena

    I used herbed fat burn tea for two days and having this burning sensation in my stomach n lower abdomen. Should i continue using it cause it’s uncomfortable.

    • Herbex Support

      Hi Phumla
      How are you having the tea, just with boiling water and not adding anything else?

    • Herbex Support

      Hi Phumla
      How much tea are you drinking.
      This could be part of the detox as the product causes gas in the tummy as well as bloating.