Get Help from Herbal Fat Burning Tea

Help from Herbal Fat Burning Tea

If you’re familiar with Herbex and our range of herbal health and slimming products, you’ll know that we’ve been active in this challenging market sector for some 25 years now. We’re proud to have achieved wonderful successful outcomes in this, our field, through the determination and commitment of customers using our herbal fat burning tea and other herbal slimming products. However, the use of herbal products and substances goes back much further than a mere 25-year period.

The use of plant and herbal pastes, poultices, ointments, food supplements, and infusions, such as tea, is probably as old as mankind itself. When man was still a primitive hunter gatherer, he and his fellow forefathers of Homo sapiens must soon have found out which plants and herbs were toxic or unpalatable, which were edible, and which could or would cause harm.

This earliest “research” must have been accomplished by observing and copying the foraging and feeding habits of other wild, slightly less advanced creatures, especially mammal species. By following their example and his own trial and error attempts, one assumes that our primitive man gradually began to identify and recognise which plants and herbs had beneficial effects on various conditions. One thinks of illness, infections, aches, pains, and injuries.

Herbs, Herbal Therapies, and Medicines

 According to the American Herbalists Guild, a herb “is any plant or plant part used for its therapeutic value”. In developed, first-world modern countries, many people only think of herbs as fresh or dried plants that are used exclusively to flavour foods in the culinary industry, forgetting about their other beneficial properties and uses.

The same guild states that “herbal medicine is the art and science of using herbs for promoting health and preventing and treating illness”. Furthermore, it is claimed that the ancient medicinal or therapeutic use of herbs was found to have been recorded as long as some 5 000 years ago.

Herb Use in South Africa

In southern Africa, the ancient Khoisan lived a totally natural life, sustaining themselves exclusively from that which nature provided – animals, plants, tubers and other roots, fruits, and herbs. When harvesting plant material, they only took what they needed, always leaving some behind for various reasons.

Their reasons included offerings to Mother Earth and the spirits of their ancestors, as well as leaving food for the animals and for the next time they needed more when passing the spot where the herbs and plants were found initially. Because they did not know about and understand ownership, they were brought into conflict with other African tribes and the early European settlers.

Nevertheless, the settlers learned about the remarkable therapeutic herbs and herbal remedies from the Khoisan and indigenous African people who also lived close to the land, long before any European settler set foot in the Cape.

Once the Dutch settlers decided to trek northwards to get away from British-dominated rule, they (the Voortrekkers) were completely reliant on their own herbal remedies and plant resources to treat diseases, sickness, injuries, and aches that developed along their uncharted route to parts unknown. However, they’d never encountered malaria before.

By the time that Louis Tregardt and his party of 52 Trekkers reached Portuguese held territory in Delagoa Bay, several of the party had mysteriously taken ill. Half of his party were to die. It is said that they mistakenly thought that the night air was toxic, causing their illness.

They did not know that anopheles mosquitos were responsible, nor that quinine could be extracted from the bark of a particular tree species, infused in water, ingested as an herbal tea, used as an effective anti-malaria remedy – an example of an invaluable early African herbal tea therapy.

Fat Burning Tea

 A cup or two of our herbal fat burning tea assists those who wish to drop weight and/or maintain a slimmer body by natural, herbal means, coupled with a healthy lifestyle that includes a nutritional, healthy eating plan, regular exercise, sufficient sleep, and quality time to relax. Our Herbex Fat Burn Tea does just that; it helps your body to burn away stored fat, faster, and more effectively.

The early Khoisan and indigenous Africans felt that body fat was a sign of beauty and prosperity, while it’s doubtful that the Voortrekkers were particularly concerned about having a plump or slim physique, but we’re sure that you do, so we’d like to help you achieve your best body. Let us help you with our fat burning teas and other products.

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