12 Fascinating Fat Facts


Fat Fact #1

We all need body fat to live. In fact, it is so essential to normal, healthy functioning that a size 10, slim female carries approximately 100,000 calories of fat on her body. That’s equal to 54 blocks of butter!

Fat Fact #2

Thinking can make you fat! Brand new research, conducted at Laval University in Canada has shown that although thinking hard and concentrating doesn’t require any extra calories, it does stimulate the body to feel hungrier, and could make you eat up to 30% more.

Fat Fact #3

Most people gain an average of just 1g of extra body fat a day.

Fat Fact #4

A typical adult has approximately 50 billion fat cells, which means there are more fat cells in one human body than there are people on the earth.

Fat Fact #5

First the good news… fat cells generally do not increase in number after puberty, so even if you gain weight the number of fat cells you have remains the same. Now the the bad news… each fat cell simply gets bigger and can expand up to ten times its normal size.

Fat Fact #6

Fat cells exist in all parts of the body except the eyelids, parts of the esophagus, the brain and the penis.

Fat Fact #7

Female breasts are composed almost entirely of fat which is one reason why, when dieting, they tend to reduce in size long before you lose the wobble elsewhere!

Fat Fact #8

1 pound of body fat is equal to 3,500 calories.  To burn off 3,500 calories the average woman would need to do 6 step classes, walk briskly for almost 9 hours or run for about 53 kilometres.

Fat Fact #9

At 9 calories per gram, fat is the most calorific nutrient we can eat. Alcohol contains 7 Kcals per gram. Protein and carbohydrate contain approximately 4 Kcals per gram.

Fat Fact #10

Fat cells live for an average of ten years.  Once a fat cell dies the body makes a brand new one to take its place.

Fat Fact #11

Fat cells die at the rate of 150 per second.

Fat Fact #12

An average fat cell can only store half a millionth of a gram of fat, therefore it takes 4 million fat cells to store the energy equivalent of a Tic Tac.

Source: http://www.weightlossresources.co.uk/

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