Has your weight-loss slowed down?

Has Your Weight Loss Slowed Down? Check if you are taking in too much protein…

The problem with protein foods (even the lower fat ones such as white meat, ostrich, fish etc) is that they contribute to your fat intake. Even if you remove all the visible fat, proteins have invisible fat that you cannot take out of the equation. For example, a large skinless chicken breast, which is grilled or poached has 7 g of fat (this fat is invisible to your eye but it is there).

A boiled egg has 5 g of fat. These fats are not only fattening if eaten in excess, but also have negative effects on blood cholesterol.

Excessive amounts of protein can also place strain on our kidneys which could be harmful in the long run.

You only need about 100g of protein at your supper or main meal and a small amount at your lunch meal and/or breakfast.

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