Healthy snacking tips over the festive season


When it comes to snacks and treats, temptation is all around us at Christmas. Luckily there are many ways to strike a balance between maintaining a healthy diet and joining in with the fun and festivities.

Make some traditional favourites less kilojoule-heavy with these tips: 

Tip #1
Can’t resist mince pies? Remove the pastry lid and have an open-top mince pie to cut down on kilojoules and fat.

Tip #2
Don’t have dips made with cream or cream cheese. Choose tomato-based dips, such as salsa, or mix some chopped herbs into low-fat yoghurt.

Tip #3
Serve rice cakes, oatcakes or plain popcorn with drinks, instead of chips and salted nuts.

Tip #4
Some seasonal favourites make healthy festive snacks. Strawberries are delicious and high in Vitamin C (just ditch the cream.)

Tip #5
If a cheese plate is a family favourite, swop the creamier cheeses for low-fat cheese like Swiss or mozzarella, or opt for aged varieties that have lots of flavour, so they don’t leave you wanting more.

Tip #6
Serve mixed nuts still in the shell. Taking the time to crack them and peel off the shells will slow you down and help prevent mindless munching.

Tip #7
Instead of sausage rolls or crumbed chicken fingers, make grilled and marinated chicken bites, mini meat skewers or low-fat ostrich meatballs.

Tip #8
Make a large tray of crudités – slice up a pile of carrots, bell peppers, snap peas, mushrooms, broccoli and cauliflower florets, then serve with a low-fat dip.

Tip #9
And finally, forget the usual bowl of foil-wrapped chocolates and rather dip strawberries, bananas or even marshmallows in antioxidant-rich dark chocolate to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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