5 DOs and DON’Ts To Help Your Man Get Healthy And Lean


Forget socks or a new tie – the greatest gift you can give the man in your life is to help him get healthy and fit! See our range of great men’s weight-loss products and then subtly nudge him in the right direction with these tips…


1. Encourage a healthy lifestyle, not just weight loss:
Don’t just tell him that he needs to walk more, offer to walk with him. Encourage an overall healthy lifestyle by making it a part of the time you spend together.

2. Become an active part of his programme:
Prepare healthy, nutritious and delicious meals and enjoy them with him.

3. Tap into his competitive side:
Put something athletic on the calendar a month or two ahead of the time, and the fear of not being up to the physical challenge might make him want to start training for it immediately.

4. Introduce him to man-friendly health food:
He’s probably thinking that he’ll have to endure wheatgrass and rice cakes, so make him realise that lean meat burgers, steak, sweet potato chips, popcorn and even biltong will help him slim down.

5. Be gym buddies:
Studies found that couples who gym together are up to 90% more likely to stick with their workout routine. Plus, you’ll be able to motivate each other when one of you would rather curl up in front of the TV than hit the treadmill. Don’t have a gym contract? No sweat, find exercises for men online, and do them together at home!


1. Don’t tempt him:
Respect the dieter’s food choices, and don’t tempt him with a ‘bite’ or a ‘nibble’ that can lead him off track.

2. Don’t become the ‘food police’:
Stay away from reciting out loud everything he eats, locking away food you think he shouldn’t have or reprimanding him for eating the ‘wrong’ thing.

3. Be a cheerleader, not a coach:
Don’t find fault with what he is doing, but rather encourage and cheer on the things that he is doing right.

4. Don’t use judgemental language:
Avoid phrases such as “Did you stick to the plan today?” or “You should have been more careful” or “Why did you eat that?”

5. Don’t overdo the help:
Don’t bombard him with weight-loss books and articles or subscriptions to fitness magazines – it can easily come across as rude.

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