Herbal Fat Burn Tea Range

Scientifically Researched Natural Herbal Fat Burning Tea

Virtually without exception, all medicines, palliative treatments, and medical or nutritional supplements have their foundation in plants and herbs. These natural substances are used to treat and support the body’s natural corrective functions – as does our herbal fat burning tea.

Because of the ancient foundation of modern medical and supplementary sciences, one may assume that the earliest humans discovered the beneficial properties of herbs and plants quite by accident, combined with varying results achieved through trial and error. People’s observation of other mammals’ eating habits probably helped them identify which natural substances were likely to be non-toxic and harmless.

Improved Methods and Tools

Prehistoric people were always on the hunt for new, improved, and more effective ways of doing things and accomplishing whatever they intended to achieve. Archaeological findings of sharpened shards of rock, used to cut, skin, or kill prey, provide us with clear evidence of such early developments.

Even some primate species have taught themselves to do things differently, to better their lives and make tasks easier. Some take long springs of grass to gather subterranean termites, while others have been recorded striking difficult to crack, hard nutshells with a log or bashing them against a rock to get to the contents.

Perhaps, in some ways, modern man has come a bit too far in his quest for food that is quickly and easily obtainable, like fast food and convenience foods that are readily available, but extremely fattening and unhealthy when consumed in excess or too frequently. The result is invariably excess fat and all too often debilitating obesity.

Easily Gained and Lost with Difficulty

It’s very easy to put on weight and weight gain is a quick process, unless you happen to be a person with a very high metabolic rate and an active lifestyle that burns off kilojoules almost as soon as they’re consumed. In contrast, it’s not that easy to lose weight. You cannot simply shake off those extra kilos within a short period of time. Burning away body fat is downright difficult and it takes time, plus a change in your eating habits and some regular exercise. A little (or lot of) support is usually required.

Smart Weight Loss Support

 Our range of herbal teas has been specially formulated to support you in your weight-loss programme, and they’re also a great substitute for one or two cups of your usual cup of traditional tea or coffee while your body and system become accustomed to your new, improved, and healthier lifestyle, as well as once you’ve attained your goal weight.

However, it isn’t essential to continue drinking herbal fat burn tea at this latter time, unless you want to because you enjoy your herbal cuppa. The choice is yours; this range remains one which is packed with an abundance of healthy, natural ingredients.

Typical Herbal Ingredients

  • Rooibos tea
  • Black tea
  • Green tea
  • Zingiber officinale
  • Cinnamon
  • Astragalus membranaceus
  • Garcinia cambogia

Brewing tasty and refreshing herbal fat burning tea is as easy and simple as brewing any other cup of tea. Immerse the teabag in a cup of freshly boiled water and leave for about 3 minutes. Remove the teabag, add a drop of honey and a slice of lemon to enhance the flavour and sip away to your heart’s content, between meals.

Unlike prehistoric man’s trial and error experimentation with plants and herbs, which are widely recognised as being the “inventors” or discoverers of natural remedies, treatments, and supplements, Herbex focuses on the use of natural herbal compounds that have been thoroughly researched to establish their actual and potential natural beneficial effects on the human body.

Nonetheless, you should always check with your medical practitioner before you take any weight loss or other supplements, particularly if you have a chronic or acute medical condition for which you’re being treated. Pregnant women should avoid using any form of weight-loss products, and while breastfeeding, moms should check with their doctors before taking any supplements.

The sooner you start taking steps towards change, the sooner you’ll see results and attain the body that you want. Our herbal fat burning tea is widely available from many national outlets, waiting to support you on your fat burning journey.

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  1. Thobile Dlamini


    Which herbal product can I use to burn fat in my abdomen, achieving a flat tummy

    • Herbex Support

      Hi Thobile
      Please try the Fat burn tabs.

  2. Lolita Graca

    @RushanaIsaacs competion,The Herbex Green Tea is made from the unfermented leaves of the evergreen camellia sinensis plant

    • Herbex Support

      Hi Lolita
      Please post your answer on Rushana Isaacs’ Instagram post.