As a token of our thanks to all our Facebook fans’ support during the past year, we ran a competition “Herbex High”. Fans had the opportunity to share their “HIGH” of the year. We even had a bit of fun….

Here are some of the HERBEX HIGHS:

Kashiefa Sulayman So i have reached my goal weight within a month and 2weeks and i will certainly keep using herbex slimmers. I had to change my lifestyle but it was worth every change. Hoping 2 loose another 8kgs in the next month. All thanks to Herbex.
Mandy Anton Govender Herbex is the best thing that I’ve tried so far and I can see results so fast.my I have more confidence and it makes me feel good about myself. Thanks Herbex
Lucretia Veenendaal Herbex has been the pillar of my strength for 2012, when I felt lost and felt like I was loosing my will power they were there to remind me I’m WORTH IT. 2013 is going be a good year!!! Thank you Herbex!!
Xoliswa Sibango Thank You so much Lindy and the rest of Herbex Team for your efficiency and willingness to assist even the smallest requests. You guys are awesome.
Lungelwa Msheqo Love seeing my old clothes fitting me like they did before*smiles* Herbex ur the BEST I lost 15kgs by using the FatBurn tea#HerbexHigh

Linda Marlies Masedi Hey herbex family, just wanted 2 thank u 4 de wonderful products, m fallin in luv with my body again, lost a lil bit ,not der yet but hey , thank u*big hug*
Zandi Bodlani Hi Herbex I’ve been using Slimmers drop for a month and I can see the difference no more sore feet and I’m enegertic,Iakm happy to say tha I was 112kg and I lost 2kilos for a month I like I like to loose weight slowly and it give me more time for me to loose more Thank u Herbex!!
Nyadu Mssthing Molefe Herbex be there 4 me, i was a 118kg when I started with Herbex in October, now am 112kg n i feel good about myself. I must say that am loving the attention i have been getting from the ppl in my hood hey….Herbex works u just have to be patient n not rush things n @ the end u will see the +results. Ayoba Herbex ayoba
Lee Molefe Saturday I wore my old fav shorts that didnt fit anymore, thanx Herbex………….e hlasela mafutha for everyone………the journey continues………….

Karen Assy

Lucretia Veenendaal

Julia Raletsapo Marareni

Lizzy Allen

Lee Molefe

Nangula Kapewangola

Fairouz Dramat Arendse
Fatimah Abdullah
Mandy Anton Govender
Urshula Skorbinski
Gerda Labuschagne Cope
Nyadu Mssthing Molefe

Kashiefa Sulayman

Anne-marie Niemand

Suraya Whittal and Ayesha Adbullah Cogle

Thanks again to everyone that took part and congratulations to all our winners. Here’s to more HIGHS next year!

(NOTE: all comments are original. No spelling or grammar changes made but the authentic posts taken from Facebook)

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