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Slimmers Herbal Tablets and Supplementary Natural Slimming Products

As manufacturers and distributors of popular weight-loss supplements and slimming aids, Herbex offers slimmers several ranges of natural, herbal slimming products that are designed to help you shed those unwanted kilos of fat. Please note that Herbex Slimmers formulations help, aid, and assist you in your quest for a slimmer body, through supporting your programme and providing natural dietary supplements that may improve your results.   

It must be emphasised that there is no magic pill or tablet on the market anywhere in the world that does the job for you, in isolation. Healthy, successful slimming and weight loss is a multi-faceted gradual process, that is – if you want the weight you’ve lost to stay off in the future. Herbex also offers ranges of Slimmers products to help and aid you maintain your goal weight, once you’ve achieved it.

Pills, Tablets, Powders, and Liquids

Some people wonder why manufacturers of medicines, medicinal drugs, and supplements choose to produce their products in various forms – tablets, capsules, liquids, or powders. With certain exceptions, the truth is that many of these products could just as easily have been made and supplied in any of the alternative forms.

They all achieve the same or very similar results, providing that the active ingredients contained in the formulations are the same. Many manufacturers offer their customers or patients a choice of the medium/product type containing the essential ingredients.


Formulations in liquid form that are taken orally usually contain a soluble form of the ingredients, making them rapidly and readily digestible, and able to be absorbed and distributed rapidly throughout the body.

Liquids are ideal for the dosage of children, the elderly, and others who may struggle to swallow the preparation in its solid form. Liquid injectable medications are delivered directly into the bloodstream and are immediately available to perform their function and purpose. Intravenous drips do the same, but not at the same, truly rapid rate.

Capsules and Tablets

 These sleek, torpedo shaped objects that are taken orally are easily swallowed because of their shape and their smooth exterior surface. Capsules are not quite as easily swallowed as liquids, but are more easily swallowed than are tablets.

A capsule is actually a distinctively and brightly coloured soluble casing that contains the product in powder form. Once ingested and exposed to the stomach’s heat and moisture, the body of the capsule melts, releasing the powdered contents for distribution in the system.

A pill and a tablet are really one and the same thing, by another name. Both pills and tablets consist of finely powdered components that are tightly compressed into a tablet form. Traditionally round in shape, the shapes and colours of modern tablets differ – circular, square, triangular, or diamond shaped.


 Any and all of these formats are based on or in powder, which is simply presented in different forms for varying purposes and/or preferences.

Herbex Slimmers Ranges

 At Herbex, we specialise in weight-loss product ranges that are designed to provide a support and supplementary function to people who want to slim down. Our natural, herbal products are on offer to consumers via a nationwide network of well-known retail outlets throughout South Africa.

Apart from our tablets, teas, drops, and concentrates, we also provide single-herb slimming powders to help you improve your health while slimming, and looking as good as you feel. These herbal powders are lactose- and colourant-free, as well as easy and tasty to use, singly or together. Simply sprinkle over food or add to a shake, water, milk, or fruit juice, and enjoy. Tablets can also be crushed, but the process may result in spillage, so it is far more convenient to use a powder for sprinkling on foods and dissolving quickly in liquids.

When used in conjunction with a balanced eating plan, regular exercise, and a healthy lifestyle, our herbal Slimmers ranges may help you to achieve your ideal weight and shape, a body of which you’re proud of, and a future free of fat. Get in touch with us to find out more about our Slimmers ranges and find out how they can help you on your journey to a new you. We look forward to being of assistance.

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  1. Martinique

    There are so many of your products on the market. There’s no one in store to assist with where to even start with all the options.
    I’ll be 40 in the next 6 months & would like to lose and form up in the next 5 months. I’m 1.54m in height, we at a size 38 and weigh 70kgs. I’d love to fit into a non-stretch size 8 Jean’s. So basically need to lose 20kgs and heaven alone knows how many cms. Where do I start?

    • Herbex Support

      Hi Martinique
      If you do not suffer from any chronic conditions then please try the Fat burn tabs. Please also remember to exercise and eat a healthy balanced diet. You should start seeing results in 6-8 weeks.