How to use mindful eating to enjoy the holidays, guilt-free

It’s been a long year and the holidays are finally here. We deserve a bit of downtime, don’t we? But to avoid having to start your weight loss journey all over again come 1 January, try practicing these few mindfulness eating tips over the festive season and you’ll arrive on the other side happier, healthier, and still able to fit into your pants!

Simply put, mindfulness is the practice of being aware and present in the moment. It can refer to anything but for the purposes of this blog, we are referring specifically to eating. Studies have shown that these few mindfulness tips can influence the way you consume and think about food. They do take practice, so don’t worry if you can’t get it right the first few times. (The mere fact that you are noticing whether you are or are not getting right, proves that you are being mindful in the first place.)

  1. Only eat what you really enjoy
    Love trifle? Then by all means, have some. Rather enjoy what you are eating, and savour every bite, than polish off a box of very average, slightly stale biscuits, just because they are in front of you. You’ll feel far guiltier than if you celebrated something you really love.
  • Don’t multi-task when you eat
    Turn off the TV, don’t take lunch at your desk, and put down your phone. Eating while distracted is a recipe for eating more than you need.
  • Sit down to eat
    Following on from the above point. Sitting down to eat not only means less distractions, but you can focus on the plate in front of you and reconnect with friends and family.
  • Use a smaller plate
    This is a great for portion control and to ‘trick’ your stomach into thinking it’s full. Most of us have grown up with the mantra of having to finish everything on our plates, so if your plate is empty that must mean you’re full, right?
  • Eat with your less dominant hand
    This one definitely takes practice! Research has shown that if you eat with your left hand (if you’re right handed, or vice versa), you’re more likely to eat less. Most probably because it’s jolly difficult to eat with the “wrong” hand.
  • Take a minute to survey the buffet first
    If you’re at a party and a buffet spread is on offer, rather than piling your plate with the first thing you see, take a moment to see what all there is to choose from, and then be selective about what you put on your plate. Again, choose only the items you really enjoy to eat. Don’t just put them on your plate because they are there. Once your plate is full, step away from the table, find a seat and enjoy your meal to the fullest.

Herbex’s new product Fat Burn Plus is a great weight management tool to supplement your nutrition – especially over the holidays. It’s formulated from four powerful actives (Cayenne pepper, Green tea, caffeine and vitamin C), which combine to assist with boosting metabolism, reducing fatigue and increasing energy.  Taking these tablets daily with your meals will also keep you mindful of your end-goal; a healthier, and happier you!

While particularly beneficial when it comes to eating, mindfulness can transcend to your daily life as well – try and always ‘be in the moment’ to appreciate everything and everyone around you. Your present and future self will thank you.

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