How Annelize* did it

Annelize’s* story (summarised):

“I’ve always struggled to maintain a healthy weight….. after two years of unsuccessfully trying to conceive I realized that being overweight was more serious to my health than just feeling uncomfortable. I felt so disheartened after many failed attempts at trying to lose weight and it seemed like it would never happen.”

Annelize*: “I realized that being overweight was serious to my health”

Her story continues, in her own words: “For more than two years my weight problem kept getting worse because most of the time my diet consisted of sweets, chips, bread, fizzy drinks and desserts. All the things that gave me instant comfort but long-term pain – both physically and emotionally. I couldn’t find clothes that fitted me and always had to scour for sizes 40 and larger.

Family gatherings and social events made me anxious. Preparing for an evening out took many outfit changes. I always left home feeling awkward and self-conscious.

After the birth of my children (twins) in November 2009, I weighed 110kg. I struggled to recover from my Caesarean. I had trouble sleeping at night and started feeling depressed. I couldn’t control my appetite and my hands and feet were swollen at times. I couldn’t perform tasks without feeling out of breath. My hair and skin were in very bad condition. Over and above all these physical disabilities, my being a mom now (and a wife), made me realise that I had to act.

I started taking my measurements and kept a weight-loss diary. I started using Herbex Slimmers on the recommendation of a pharmacist. After the first two weeks I lost nearly 5 kg. My absolute joy at this discovery, gave me the incentive I needed and I began to adopt a healthier way of eating. I included Herbex Boosters into my daily regimen and found that it was so much easier to control my appetite. My cravings for “bad stuff” also disappeared. I continued to use my Herbex products and by January 2010 I weighed 84.5 kg. As I lost weight, I began enjoying a good night’s sleep – even with twins! My hair grew back stronger and healthier and my skin was more radiant. I felt healthier and comfortable in my own skin.

An excerpt from my weight-loss diary:

I weigh 68 kg and my BMI is finally where it should be – 24. I lost the following:

Upper arm 10 cm

Middle: 17.5 cm

Stomach: 20 cm

Hips: 24 cm

Together with other measurements I took, I lost a total of 102 cm! I am still losing weight and have a target weight of 65 kg to reach. I know I will get there!

Annelize*: “I can fit into a size 34 jeans and I can find clothing that fits me in any shop!”

Today, I am counting the first day of the rest of my life. For the first time in six years I am able to sleep without the need for sleeping pills. I control what I eat and when I eat – no more cravings. My hair, skin and nails are so much healthier. I enjoy my children and play in the garden with them. I am not out of breath if I pick one or the other up and my husband finds me attractive again.

Thanks Herbex – you’ve made it possible for me to lose weight. I don’t recognise the person I see when I look at my old photographs. I definitely have to make new memories.”

– Annelize* (October 2011)

The above is from a mail we received from Annelize*. Annelize* came down to Cape Town in November 2011 for a TV and Print shoot (See the “behind the scenes” here). She is a great testimonial of commitment and we are very proud of her. Well done Annelize*.

Annelize* features in the Herbex Slimmers Adverts

Herbex products work in support of a healthy eating plan and exercise programme. For best results use daily for 3 months. Results may vary.

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  1. Abigail

    I absolutely love your story . I am 16 and I weigh 75kg. I feel uncomfortably with my look and I want to start using Herbex. I want to loose at least 20kg in total

  2. rachel

    your story is truely inspiring….im at the same weight 100kg and i dont even have kids…i grew up overweight and im just tired now….lost some in the past but gained it back….im just afraid for maself now i expand every month….i have a very very sweet tooth i can crave sweet like an abnormal person…….im not big on slimming products but ur story inspires me…just bought herbex….im on a mission

  3. pauline

    Hi annalize
    im so inspired by yo story. I’ve gained so much weight when I was pregnant and I want to loose al weight gained during my pregnancy. Is it ok to take herbex while breastfeeding baby only 6 weeks

  4. Sheena

    Well done girl you are amazing I’m 27 years old and i’ve tried so many things to loss weight but all I did was put on more weight I had my son 5 years ago and i’ve been trying to loss weight ever seens. Today I bought my first herbex product so I’m hoping with all the amazing storys i’v heard about herbex that this is my chance to win back the thin me thanks

  5. diana

    That’s fantastic!!!!wanna lose 29kgs in total m 108kgs now

  6. Riona

    Hi Annelize,
    what a great story. I am now on herbex slimmers. I want to know if you had followed a diet plan with the herbex. Just want to tell you that you are looking very good!

  7. crp

    Annelize I read this post of your weight loss with Herbex a month ago I’m only 18 and weighed 102kgs I lost 22kgs in the past month thanks to your inspiring words and herbex slimming drops and fat burn my aim is to fit into a size 32 and I’m pretty sure that I will soon thank you for inspiring me to live a healthy lifestyle!

  8. Annelize

    Wow wow wow.. It is so Amazing to read of so many ladies who have been inspired! Thank you so much for all of the positive comments! I am so happy that others are inspired by me. It wasn’t an easy journey, but I believe that every single lady can achieve this with hard work and faith. Lots of love to everyone, you are all amazing and beautiful!!!

  9. Tendayi

    Hi Annelize

    Your story really is inspiring , i currently weigh about 95kg and i am starting my Herbex Fat Burn today and truly hope i can lose this weight , i really feel motivated by your story. Wish me luck guys nad thanks for sharing.

  10. Bel Jaxa

    Hi Annelize, I am veyr inspired by your story. Infact I walked to CLICKS and bought Herbex. I have already started. I used to be a size 32 and then I went to a size 42 after my two children. Now I want my body back I will get it! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Yolanda

    Your story is an inspiration to all of us, i am 18 years old and i am 105kg and i want to loose weight before December. i really wish i could look like all the 18year old girls out there. I will try to buy herbex and use it and see what will happen. i want to use it while jogging so that i can lose weight quicker.

  12. Anthea

    Hi Annelize

    you look amazing. i am 33 years old and was a fat girl all my life. after having my baby i struggle to loose the weight. you are a real inspiration to all of us, who are trying to loose that extra weight. will defnitely buy me some of the products and start eating healthier. will weigh and measure me over the weekend and start using the products.

  13. Berdine Josephs

    Hi Annelize
    My name is Berdine from Upington in the Northern Cape.I just liketo say you look fantastic and youre inspired me to get of my couch and do something about my weight issue.Thank you for inspiring me and I know that I will loose this weight before next year easter and look just as faboulous as you.

  14. kashiefa

    Well done im at the weight of 73kg now dress size 36 lost kilos with herbex and im still going strong hope to wear a 34 by end of april.

  15. kekula

    wow this story is trully encouraging, i am 26 and i weigh 116kg and i will really love to lose weight and live happy like most 26 year olds. i tried diets and i am an active person i do aerobis 3 times a week but i still cant lose weight, i will try heberx products and see if they will work for me.

  16. Innocentia

    Hi Girls am turning 24 next month and am in my worst weight ever I started a new job in 2011 and things started to change with my body weight because I did not have much time to exercise and had to eat anything that was fast.
    but I have recommitted myself to a new exercise regime and Herbex to help me get back to normal and to read this is very inspiring and motivating to keep going


    am so proud of you, am also struggling with weight problem and i want to start loosing and am interested in herbex so pls advice

  18. KARI

    Hi Annelize,i have read your story and i am amazed…….
    i am getting married next year,and i really want to lose weight,i am also dibetic but i love sweet things.i have tried and failed so many times and now my weight problem is depressing me…i cry almost every night,i cannot stand to look at myself in the mirror.Please help!!!!!!!

  19. Lezette

    I read the story of Annelize and it really inspired me, you look amazing. I have been struggling with my weight for years and years now. I have started using the drops and will add some more products to my list as I really need to loose weight. I also want to look amazing and wear a size 34 jean, won’t thank be great.

  20. Noleen

    I have tryed over the years taking Herbex and its just never worked. I don’t know where I go wrong however reading your story has re motivated me to give one more try. I am at that age where everything goes wrong for a woman but I am so determined more than ever before to loose weight. My major downfall seems to be bread and patatoes and during my free time watching TV/DVDS I have a wild tendency of snacking on biscuits and cheese. I have recently asked a friend to bring me back 2 Bottles of Herbex Drops which I should receive within the next week. Like every other woman with a weight problem its not going to be easy but its mind over matter and your story pinned up in my bathroom I doubt I can go wrong. I would so appreciate any advice relating to a diet plan. Please note I do not eat meat, chicken or fish. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

  21. amanda moyo

    hey Annelize, im so impressed and motivated by your story. i recently had a baby exactly ten months ago and my weight went from 55 to 75 in nine months. though im still breast feeding i really want to lose weight and i don’t no how to go about it. pls advice


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