How to Detox Your Body with Natural Products and Diet

How to Detox Your Body with Natural Products and Diet

While it is true that your body can detox naturally, our modern lifestyles are filled with sugar, processed foods, stress, and pollution, so it has become more difficult for bodies to detox naturally. Depending on their genes, some people need a little bit more help than others.

Before we can start talking about detox products, you need to know how you can help your body detox naturally through diet and lifestyle.

Eat Cruciferous Vegetables

Your liver is one of the main organs responsible for detoxing your body. It produces the most powerful antioxidant, called glutathione. Glutathione production is reduced by stress, environmental toxins, and processed food products.

By eating a lot of cruciferous vegetables, such as cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, and kale, as well as garlic and onions, you can stimulate the production naturally. This is because these foods are high in sulphur – a natural compound that is one of the body’s main detox components.

Drink Enough Water and Herbal Tea

You also need to drink enough water in order to flush out any toxins that get released from your cells and help your kidneys detox. The kidneys are also vital for detoxification, and consuming foods like parsley and cranberry can support this function.

Your skin is also important in the detox process. Drinking enough fluids, and using detox herbal teas and products, like the ones you find in the Herbex Detox Range of products, can greatly help your skin detox as well.

Increase Your Antioxidant Intake

Increase your antioxidant intake when you need to detox. Eat a variety of colourful fruits and vegetables, and drink herbal teas throughout your day. They are all high in antioxidants, which help reduce oxidative damage caused by stress, pollution, and a poor diet.

Sweat Out the Toxins

We know that this might not be what you wanted to hear, but exercise (the kind and intensity that makes you sweat) can help push out toxins through your skin through sweat. It doesn’t matter what kind of exercise you do. Pick one that you enjoy, but that still makes you sweat.

A very warm bath, sitting in a sauna, or going to a hot yoga class can also make you sweat, so at least you can participate in these activities in between harder workout sessions.

Lose Some Weight

While your motivation to detox might be to lose weight, losing weight can actually help you detox. Your fat cells store toxins, and when you lose weight, the toxins get released, and your body now has a chance to get rid of them. But, make sure you drink enough water to help flush them out. You do not want your body to reabsorb the toxins.

Choose Natural Detox Products

Natural detox products like herbal teas and the Herbex Detox Concentrate can complete your natural detox action plan, help you lose weight, and make you feel great.

There you have it – a few natural ways and products that can help your body detox naturally and promote your overall health. You can find the Herbex Detox range of products for detoxing and weight loss here on our website, and you can buy them at any Clicks or Dischem store, or on

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