How to get real with your goals

You know the importance of keeping your eye on the prize in order to achieve your goals. But are you really as focused as you think?


1. Know your ‘why’

Why are you doing what you’re doing? What do you want out of it? Will fresh, wholesome food make you feel healthier and give you more energy to keep up with the kids? Or will losing weight give you the confidence to try new things?

Trying to get skinny to keep your boyfriend happy or to stop your mom from nagging aren’t good reasons. Becoming fit, healthy and happy should be something you do for yourself.

2. Identify your main goal

While goals are essential, having too many goals can end up sabotaging your efforts. For instance, instead of aiming for eating healthy every day, exercising 5 times a week, drinking 2 litres of water every day, giving up coffee, fitting into your skinny jeans in 6 weeks’ time, and, and… AND – take time to think what your one MAIN goal is, and focus on that.

For instance, by simply eating healthy you’ll have more energy to exercise, which will result in you fitting into those skinnies in no time!

3. Schedule your passions

Having a sense of balance is what’s going to make you go the long haul.

Do something that you love at least once a day. Put it on your calendar if you must. Making time for your passions and self-care will help you feel more in control of your life, so schedule in that hike, coffee with a friend, bike ride or quiet reading time, then honour it as you would a doctor’s appointment.

4. Eliminate self-defeating thoughts

Don’t allow that nagging inner-voice to sabotage your efforts. The moment you catch yourself with thoughts like, “I’m never going to lose weight anyway”, “I’ll just fail like last time” or “what’s the point?”, immediately stop yourself and replace them with positive thoughts and affirmations.

5. Get rid of obstacles

Decide what matters most, then clear away the excess that stands in the way. Apply this principle to your work and life, and you will find yourself living with greater peace, increased focus, and, more than likely, great success!

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