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Kim shares advice and answers your eating related questions live on Facebook every Tuesday between 1-2pm.

Here are the highlights from this weeks’ chat.

Alida Quinot asked: How can I get a nice flat tummy?

Answer from Kim: You have to work hard for the flat tummy! Eating well and regular exercise, focusing on strengthening the core will move you in that direction. Remember that your body will use fat best if you keep your blood sugar levels constant (eating every 3-4 hours), but that your body will take body fat where it is genetically programmed to take it first. This unfortunately is not necessarily the stomach area! But be patient. Your body will eventually also let that fat go!

Angelique Bruwer asked:  How can I suppress my hunger and sweet tooth? I’m a office junkie and find myself constantly eating something, if it is chips, sweet or cakey!!! I need to stop!!! Please help!

Answer from Kim: Hunger should never be suppressed! Certainly not true stomach hunger (as opposed to the mouth hunger). So if you are truly hungry you should honour that and have something healthy to eat. Hunger can however go to the ‘starv…ing’ point which is not good! At this point you are more likely to overeat and not feel satisfied.

Monica asked:  I want to know I sometimes get alot of cravings for something sweet, what can I do to prevent that and then how many hours a week do you think is exercise necesary?

Answer from Kim: If you are getting cravings for something sweet it is very likely that you are not eating enough and not keeping your blood sugar levels stable. To stop the cravings it is best to make sure that you eat small meals/snacks every… 3-4 hours (for example, a fruit and yoghurt or a sandwich).

The more you exercise the more energy your body will need so theoretically the more you will lose. My guideline for exercise is 3-4 times per week for 45minutes to an hour.

Malebogo Motshidi: I want to know what you think of ‘blood group diet’?

Answer from Kim: The blood group diet is a ‘fad’ diet meaning that it may very well work (short term) because you will be eating too little. Be careful if you want to follow it that you still enjoy eating otherwise you will never be able to stick to it and will gain any weight back that you may have lost.

Saneliso: Would instant noodles be considered as part of a healthy diet when trying to lose weight?

Answer from Kim:  Yes, you can definitely use the 2 minute noodles. Just be sure to choose the ‘fat free’ ones. Also, the flavouring that comes with the noodles is quite high in salt, so if you have high blood pressure it is not a good idea to use that often. You can make the noodles and serve them with some bolognaise sauce, or chop in a low fat vienna or egg as an alternativ.

I’ve said this before, the crux of health and weight loss is keeping blood sugar levels constant. Constant blood sugar levels lead to constant energy, constant mood, constant appetite, decrease in cravings as well as constant metabolism and best utilisation of the fat stores. So how can we keep the blood sugar levels constant? It takes 2 little steps: Eat regularly (every 3-4 hours) and eat a food that converts into sugar EVERY time you eat (these are your fruits, dairy and starches). Give that a try and see how you feel!
Have a great week!

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