Kim on water and your eating habits

It is difficult to drink water in Winter, but when you are drinking enough water it does become easier as we feel the thirst more easily.
The good news is that we do not need as much water in Winter as we do in Summer, so aim for about 1.5 litre to 2 litres a day.

Water is the best form of rehydration. Try to drink the water as you like it best.

In other words, if you like drinking ice cold water, keep a couple of bottles of water in the fridge to make it more appealing to you. If you prefer warm water, boil yourself water and serve it in a mug and drink it like you are drinking tea!
If you do not like the taste of water, add some lemon, mint or even cucumber to the water to give it a different taste.

‎…..and for those who really still can’t stomach a normal glass of water, try and use our Fat Burn concentrate. You can mix it with 1 litre of water and have it on your desk or in the fridge, then you only need to have another half a litre!

Q:  I like to drink warm water at work to help to burn fat (asked by Selina Dion)

The Dietician: I’m sorry to tell you that water, whether warm or cold does not help burn fat! Water is however important to allow the metabolism to function at its best, which in a round about way can help to burn more calories!
Just as an aside, what helps to burn more fat is eating small amounts of food often (every 3-4hours) in the day…

Q: Can I drink a soft drink or a diet drink whilst dieting (asked by Roseline Chatonda)

The Dietician:  Soft drinks are not ideal for losing weight as they contain a lot of energy and energy in a form that is not conducive to keeping the blood sugar levels stable. However diet drinks are fine as they contain no energy at all. The general guideline is not to have more than 1-2 diet drinks per day.
From a hydration/water perspective, these drinks do not count towards your water intake, especially the ones that contain caffeine.

Q: Is it okay if I mix Attack the Fat with orange juice? (asked by Esmeralda Valkant)

Herbex answered: If you like the taste of that mix, its fine, just remember that a glass of orange juice will equal one fruit intake for the day. Can you confirm that Kim?

The Dietician: Hi Esmeralda. Yes, you need to be careful with juice in terms of calories. 125ml of juice is one fruit, which means you will need to decrease your fruit by 1 for every 125ml of fruit juice. Generally you can have 3-4 fruit per day.

 A few additional tips from Kim:

A question often asked is can tea and coffee count as water. Ceylon tea and coffee contain caffeine which actually makes your body lose more water! So those two definitely don’t count. Herbal teas on the other hand can count, especially if you don’t have any sugar or milk with them.
Just remember that the rule for tea and coffee is not more than 4 cups per day (even herbal teas.)

One of the most important reasons for drinking water is that you will not get a ‘false’ hunger signal. If you find yourself searching for ‘something nice to eat’ but really shouldn’t be hungry, look back at how much water you drank throughout the day. It is often on days that you have not drunk enough that you just feel like eating more!
A good rule to live by is to drink most of your water in the morning – in that way much of the mouth hunger will be eliminated!

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