Kim’s chat on 19 June

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Question from Siphokazi: Last month I went 2 a dietician and she gave me a diet. I can see that I am loosing weight on my lower body and nothing is happening on my upper body. What should I take please help?

Kim answers:  Weight loss is a slow process and your body will lose from where it is genetically programed to lose the easiest from (this is different from person to person). But as you keep going you will lose from your upper body too. A suggestion is to add some exercise to your program so that your body fat can g15het used up more quickly.

And an additional answer from Herbex: Hi Siphokazi, try our Fat burn tablets combined with the Booster Fat Burn drops and stick to your dieticians advice, that is great!

Question from Dumakude: How many meals do need to I eat a day when trying to lose weight.

Kim answers: Hi Dumakude. The more meals you eat the better, but also remember that the more meals you eat the smaller they become! I would suggest at least 3 meals, but preferably 5-6 smaller meals per day. A meal and a snack are the same, so a meal does not need to be a hot plate of food containing protein, starch and veggies, it can be as small as a fruit and yoghurt!

Question from Chanel: Hi Kim. I’m on the syrup, booster drops and tea.. I’m drinking loads of water and really trying to eat right..but I hardly lose any weight? I also like nibbling on cravings. Please I really wanna do this but feels like I’m loosing my way .

Kim answers: Hi Chanel. One of the biggest mistakes people make when they try to lose weight is under eat when they are good and overeat when they are struggling. When you under eat your metabolism slows down (your body needs less energy for the day) and therefore starts holding on to a lot of the energy that comes in. Hence no weight loss… The fact that you have cravings also shows me that you are eating too little. My suggestion to you is that you make sure that you eat at least 1200kcal every day.

Question from Zoe: Is 80kg too much for a 22 year old height 1.75m?

Kim answers: Hi Zoe. Your BMI (body weight according to your height) is 26 and ideally this should be between 20-25. Because you are young you could definitely aim for about 70kgs.

Question from Vee La: I am on fat burn tablets, drops and tea, am happy with my progress but it feels a bit slow though, what else can I do to boost…?

Kim answers: Hi Vee La. You can definitely increase the weight loss by eating so that your metabolism (all the energy that your body needs in a day) increases. Starting early, eating often and eating small amounts of foods that convert into glucose is the best way to get your metabolism working at its best, to keep your blood sugar levels constant and therefore prevent overeating and physiological cravings, and burn the body fat best.

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