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LINDSAY’S* STORY – In her own words:

“I have been a ‘diet victim’ all my life. That would be a good place to start my story. Since teenage-hood, I have been trying every trick in the book. Losing, picking up again, losing, picking up again. I was never ‘fat’ – although slightly larger than my peers. Being tall obviously means carrying a BIT more weight, but this has become such an issue for me that I was battling anorexia by the time I was 19.

A recovery from this occurred when it struck me what my illness was doing to my mum – I think it’s one of the worst things for a mother seeing her daughter wasting away before her.

I was at last at normal weight of about 83 kg until my pregnancy in 2005. This was an incredibly lonely time for me – my entire family overseas and the father of my little girl putting me through my paces – I turned to comfort eating and ballooned to a 122kg in my 3rd trimester – my gynae was very concerned about me – diabetes and terrible water-retention being one of his main concerns.

I became the mum of a beautiful and healthy girl in February 2005 and gradually began to ‘get my life back’. It was still very stressful being the single mum of a brand new baby, but I got the emotional strength together and frankly, the more I discovered that I was actually coping well on my own, the more I was empowered and motivated to get my life back.

I was living in Durban at the time and being a very large woman, was constantly hot and lethargic – I had no energy. I found myself not having half the ‘drive’ and mental alertness I had prior to gaining all this weight. I stepped off my porch step late one Wednesday afternoon and fractured my ankle. That was IT – the turning point. The start of wonderfully new and exciting things – and a complete journey of self-discovery and of finding my inner strength once more.

After using a few other slimming products, I discovered Herbex – my main weakness was sugar-cravings and a carbohydrate intolerance (diagnosed via blood tests). I started on Herbex and after the first week didn’t notice much difference, but by week 2, I had suddenly dropped 2,5 kg and those cravings simply were not there anymore – I was, instead, craving ‘fresh food’ and found that I could eat healthy balanced meals and still find enough of everything to satisfy my palate..

As each and every kilogram started dropping off I became more motivated and spirited to persevere – and for the first time in my life I was doing this THE RIGHT WAY. The HEALTHY way..

I started doing mild exercise like walking, rewarded myself with the most stunning dress when I lost my first 10 kg.

I only started dating again once my daughter was 3 years old and it scared the living daylights out of me – would a man find me attractive? How would he feel about me having BEEN so overweight?

I am now with the most WONDERFUL man – besides thinking that I’m the most gorgeous thing that walks the earth, he ultimately appreciates me for who I am – and he is incredibly proud that I have managed to beat this very sad time in my life.

I will never forget last December – my family came to visit from the UK and upon seeing me the first time, my stepfather walked straight past me – I wondered what was going on and 2 minutes later he saw my face and gasped “LINDS – is that you! You are SO amazingly beautiful! I thought you were someone I didn’t know!”

I am part of a large corporate institution, working in the fashion industry – I now carry myself with pride again, colleagues and friends find me stylish and attractive, I command my department with deftness, enthusiasm and energy and YES – MY LIFE HAS CHANGED!!!!

More importantly, I have found a strength and silent determination within myself – I did this, it was a huge mental decision, a life-changing thing – I would never have been able to do this without Herbex – it was a major contributor towards taking those first uncertain steps – and then giving it my all.

Thank you for an AMAZING product – it had certainly giving me my life back – that sounds ever so dramatic, but effectively, that is what it did..

– if I can do it, ANYONE can.

All my love and appreciation… For everything.

xxxxxxxxx – Lindsay*

These are the photo’s from the TV shoot and how you will see her in print ads.

PLEASE NOTE that the above words are Lindsay’s* orginal testimonial. We have not changed spelling or grammar.

It is the authentic testimonial, as told by Lindsay* and sent to us on mail.

Lindsay*, as seen in your favourite magazines:


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  1. diana

    M inspired reaally

  2. Phelo

    Hi there

    Just wanted to find out how long must a person use a herbex product can I continue using after three months, I have been using the slimmes tablets 20-40 for three months and have lost and big upd to Lindy for the eating plan and I also attend gym so what want to know can I continue using my slimmers tablets or any herbex product or not.

  3. Marilyn

    hi there you look stunning and well done. please let me know which products you used and your eating plan.


  4. Karine

    What an inspirational story. Thanks Lindsay. You certainly gave me hope and inspiration.. You look gorgeous and like you said: if you can do it, ANYONE can.
    I also bought some products and wanna start today…

  5. sithandazile ndebele

    this is an inspirational story.lve also been battling with my weight for a long time.lm now determined to loss all the fat.looking forward to using herbex

  6. SARAH

    am sarah am looking forward to loss weight and i ave started taking herbex attack fat tablets i have read your story and am so amazed and i feel they wont let me down

  7. Maya

    Hi Lindsay,

    I’m So happy for your weight loss. I have lost also 30kg and I’m alSo intereSted in the fashion industry. I alwayS thought that becauSe of my weight I have no change. But you have changed that so I might just go into the field I love.

    Thank you, Maya

  8. Bongani

    This product is working, I am a happy person and oozing confidence.

  9. Sharon

    Well done Lindsay! You look great and certainly give me hope. I have been battling to lose weight for years, tried various diets but get demotivated because of the very slow results. Please tell us what Herbex products you used & what was your eating plan? I’m desperate to lose half my weight.

  10. Riaz

    Awesome ! i’m going to take your advice.

  11. olicia

    what amazing inspiration on this valentines morning!!i need to loose 25kg and now feel it just might be possible!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Theresa

    Linna, my raaf! Jy lyk absoluut amazing!!!! xxx

  13. Mapakiso Matooane

    Lindsay u luk stunning. WOW

  14. Tsitsi

    wow!!!! thats really amazing! wish i could do the same.

  15. Marlene

    Hi Lindsay, reading your story gave me more hope, I have been on Herbex for 2months,before Herbex I went on a proteien diet and lost 9kg.(no exercise) Thereafter I have standing still and got demotivated I still need to loose another 15kg. I realized that I need to do exercise if I want to reach my goal weight. I started walking with my daughter during the December school holidays and I feel great. I am not losing as fast as I want to,but I believe there is hope. Thank you for your story of hope.
    I am 43 years of age,weighed 89kg, lost 10kg, my goal weight is ± 65kg. My weight now is 79kg,and with Herbex slimmer drops and walking every morning,I believe that I can accomplish my goal weight. Thank you for being my role model.

  16. Susan

    Wow!! Lindsay… You are amazing … and you are from now on my inspiration!!

  17. Chezelle

    Wow!!!!!!! Well done Lindsay:-)) U look amazing!!!!!! u have given me so much hope and inspiration:-))

    • Yolanda

      hi Lindsay ive read your storie and it has really encouraged me,iv started using Herbex in Jan 2014 and can really feel a difference.Im using the attck the fat concetrate and the shake is that sufficient ? What can i use by that? Thanx


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