Men Sometimes Need Weight-Loss Supplements Too

Men Sometimes Need Weight-Loss Supplements Too

The human body’s tendency to pack on the pounds actually makes no distinction between women and men. Weight gain does not discriminate. Both genders are at risk of weight gain that is unsightly and unhealthy, placing the body at increased risk of developing an enormous variety of conditions, as well as acute or chronic diseases that are detrimental to one’s health.

 Curvy Women Compared with Men’s Bigger Physiques

 In women, weight gain and resulting excess weight may be more discernible sooner than it is in men, because women are generally smaller and more daintily built, having a smaller bone structure or frame, when compared with the physique of typical male counterparts.

Women’s natural curvy shapes quickly show where those excess calories have settled. Nonetheless, this doesn’t change the fact that some of the men become overweight and may require some assistance to achieve a significant and lasting weight loss.

Food is Fuel for the Body

When one considers the primary cause of weight gain, weight loss – the direct opposite of gain – should be easy. Foodstuffs are fuel for the body. Food provides the nutrients and energy your body must have in order to be healthy, live, and survive.

Why You’ve Gained Weight

You’ve gained weight because you’ve eaten more or consumed more calories/kilojoules than what your body needed vis-à-vis the energy you expended – or not. In the latter case, the body is forced to do something with excess, superfluous food that has already been ingested, because it normally prefers a balanced intake of fuel, no less than it needs, but no more either.

Your body expels what it can via the digestive system, but sadly for you, the human body stores excess ingested energy-giving sources, which are not expended or expelled, as fat and fatty deposits, just below the skin, as well as around vital internal organs, impairing their vital functions to some degree.

Men and Women Store Fat Differently

First and foremost, male bodies tend to accumulate fat around the belly area, resulting in that typical “beer boep” (beer belly), as this condition is referred to jokingly in South Africa. Because of the different functions and roles that nature and survival instinct assigned to prehistoric men and women, their basic body sizes and shapes are different from one another.

In turn, women seem to put weight on to the areas of the female body where the individual woman is largest or most curvy, a characteristic that varies according to her basic body shape. A round apple gathers excess weight on the upper body, the chest, upper arms, waist, and most of her torso.

Her pear-shaped sister’s body primarily stores its extra weight lower down, around the waist, hips, buttocks, and thighs. The rest of both these women’s and men’s bodies do gain weight, but the areas mentioned are most obviously accentuated by their tendency to store and carry the bulk of the body’s excess weight. A beer boep is the most common evidence of fat and the need for weight loss in men.

What Weight-Loss Supplements for Men Do

 Among the weight-loss and slimming supplements of our natural, herbal products, one range is designed and developed specifically for men, one for women, plus other supplement ranges that may be used by both gender groups. The specific men’s ranges or ranges suitable for male weight loss consist of Attack the Fat, Slimmers for Men, and Fat Burn for Men.

Attack the Fat

 This range of eight supplements was created to help users break down fat, cleanse their body, control appetite, and burn calories by increasing the metabolism and acting as a mild laxative and digestive aid.

The variants include:

  • Syrups
  • Tablets
  • Concentrates

Fat Burn Range for Men

 Fat Burn for Men is a range of natural, herbal supplements, designed especially for men who want a lean, toned healthy body, instead of a beer boep. They can choose between 10 options.

Slimmers for Men

 This Slimmers variant consists of one product only – a general tonic in tablet form, containing a blend of 10 natural herbs that assist men with weight loss. Slimmers tablets boost energy, control appetite, detoxify, burn fat and calories, and act as a diuretic.

Discard your beer boep, gentlemen, and keep it off by selecting the weight-loss supplements that best suit your preference, lifestyle, and weight-loss needs. Keep in mind that your lifestyle needs a few tweaks too, while individual results with these supplements are likely to vary.

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