Nutrition Hour: Today’s TOP 5 Questions & Answers

Today’s TOP 5 Questions & Answers:

Q: Hi Carla how effective are fad diets?

A: Fad diets can cause rapid weight loss in a short period of time but this is not long lasting. Fad diets have a terrible effect on your metabolism and you blood sugar levels especially when dramatically decreasing your calorie consumption. This can cause an increase in insulin production which will increase the amount of fat that your body stores. It is very important to follow a healthy eating plan in order to lose weight and keep it off.

Q: Hi Carla pls help me, its been 3 weeks now :I had this huge appetite; what can I do to reduce this:coz its sabotaging my weightloss;”sad”

A: The best way to reduce a big appetite is to break down your 3 meals per a day into 6 smaller meals during the day. Try to eat one portion of lean protein (chicken breasts,fish,lean red meat, low fat cheese, low fat cottage cheese, low fat yoghurt) with a portion of carbohydrates (vegetables/fruit/sweet potato/whole grain breads/crackers). Try to add 3 healthy snacks during the day like fruit and a yoghurt or a Herbex Slimmers shake. The Herbex slimmers shakes don’t only taste great and assist you in weight loss they also assist in appetite control.

Q: Any tips on how to get rid of cravings,tried chewing sugar free gum and it works,problem is my jaw hurts.

A: In order to curb cravings it is important to know what the cause is. Is it emotional/hormonal eating or because of hunger or boredom. The best way to prevent snacking on unhealthy food options is to snack during the day on healthier options like low fat yoghurts/fruits/raw vegetables/rice cakes & low fat cream cheese/ crackers/ fruit salad.

Q: Hey Carla can you lose weight while pregnant?

A: It is extremely important that you do not try to lose weight during pregnancy. It is healthy to gain between 7-18kgs during pregnancy. To break this weight down: 39% baby, 22% blood, 11% amniotic fluid, 11% uterus, 9% placenta and 8% breasts. What you can do is follow a healthy eating plan not a diet. So increase your vegetables and fruits and eat lean proteins. Try to limit your intake of fatty foods. Everything that you eat during this time will provide nutrition for your growing baby. It is recommended that you take prenatal vitamins during this time.

Q: Hi Carla, I am eating fish, chicken breast, tuna and egg for protein with my veg or salad. Is there anything I can eat besides that protein?

A: You can try other forms of protein such as plant proteins: soya mince/ tofu/ quinoa and beans. Lean red meat such as extra lean mince ostrich or beef.

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