UltraSlim – 24 hour

Herbex UltraSlim is a triple tablet solution, addressing 3 key body functions for ultimate weight loss.  The pack contains:

1.  Metabolic Enhancer Tablets 40s

2.  Blood Sugar Balance 40s

3.  Digestive Aid 20s

4.  20 Metabolic Enhancer tea bags FREE

Metabolic Enhancer

Actives: Capsicum, Green tea, Vitamin C, Caffeine. Benefits: Thermogenic effect, Burn more calories, Appetite control.  Dosage: Take 2 tablets in the morning, after breakfast. Do not consume on an empty stomach.

Blood Sugar Balance

Actives: Gynema sylvestre, Chromium polynicotinate. Benefits: Blocks sugar absorption in the intestines. Decreases blood sugar levels. Dosage: Take 2 tablets midday, after lunch. Do not consume on an empty stomach.

Digestive Aid Tablets

Actives: Triphala 500 mg, Phyllanthus emblica, Terminalia chebula and Terminalia bellirica. Benefits: Maintains a healthy digestive tract. Supports natural bacteria in the GI tract. Normalises bowel movements
Dosage: Take 1 tablet in the evening, best before bedtime


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