Products from Our Herbex Detox Range

The Perfect Combination of Products from Our Herbex Detox Range

So, you’re a few months into the year and already feel like you need a restart for your goals. You’ve perhaps spent the last few weeks enjoying too many cakes, cookies, pizzas, and alcoholic beverages, and feel like your body needs to get rid of all the junk before you can feel like a healthy human being again and even start losing weight.

When setting out to do a detox, your first thought is probably to start shopping around for a range of detox products or to go on a juice cleanse. While a juice cleanse might sound great at first, halfway through the first day, you might already start to feel miserable. This is why detox products are great.

Our Herbex detox range is one of the most popular ones on the market – with good reason. Our products are all made using natural ingredients that all help your body detox and become healthy. Below is a list of a few of the products from our detox range that, when combined, create the perfect combination of ingredients to help you detox properly.

Herbex Detox Tablets

The first product in our detox range is our Detox Tablets. It contains ingredients that help cleanse the body, like dandelion, cascara, burdock, and goldenrod. Burdock and dandelion are both diuretics, which means that they help the body get rid of excess fluid. This can also help your body function optimally. It is hard to feel your best when you feel bloated, which is why the detox tablets from our range can help you debloat.

Herbex Detox Concentrate

Our Herbex Detox Concentrate also contains dandelion, burdock, goldenrod, and cascara, but is available in a delicious berry flavour. The concentrate can be diluted in water and consumed throughout the day. Because it is flavoured, it will help make it easier to say no to the sugary cooldrinks that have helped create the need to detox in the first place.

Slimmers Detox Tea

You can end each day of your detox off with a warm cup of Herbex Slimmers Detox Tea. It contains ingredients such as rooibos, black tea, and hibiscus, which all have detoxifying properties. The Simmers Detox Tea is very high in antioxidants, which are essential if you want your body to detox properly.

You can consume the products in our detox range regularly, even after your planned detox period has ended, in order to maintain your health. Doing so will help you stay healthy and reduce the need to go on a detox.

To get the most out of the products from our detox range, pair them with a healthy diet and lifestyle. Eating a lot of brightly coloured vegetables will provide you with many antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Exercising will help your body flush out toxins through sweat, and drinking enough water will help expel waste from your system.

You can get all the products in our Herbex detox range at any Clicks, Dischem, or a major retailer, and they are also available on

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