Reasons Why You Should Detox Your Body Regularly

The Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Detox Your Body Regularly

 Do you suffer from fatigue, constipation, weight gain, headaches, bloating, sinusitis, and irritability? While most people would ascribe these complaints to stress, your body could very well be trying to tell you that it’s overburdened with way too many toxins.

We Carry Over 700 Known Toxins in Our Bodies

Every day our bodies are bombarded with all types of heavy metals, parasites, and toxic agents. Research has identified that over 80 000 harmful chemicals pollute our air, water, food, skin care products, and household cleaning products. The level of toxins our bodies ingest on a daily basis is higher than ever before. In fact, in-depth studies have revealed that every individual carries more than 700 known toxins in our cells, blood, brain tissue, skin, muscles, liver, kidneys, colon, and fatty tissue. Overwhelming, isn’t it?

Your Body is Designed to Detoxify Naturally

One of the body’s many natural daily processes is to detox the lungs, kidneys, colon, and skin through our breath, bile, urination, defecation and pores. Unfortunately, many people’s detoxification pathways are blocked, which results in toxic build-up and a variety of unwanted symptoms. You see, when our bodies are over-burdened, the kidneys, liver, and skin are unable to cope with the overload, which means that our bodies are unable to detox themselves. This is why regular detoxification of the body is so important. In today’s modern world, a proper detox can help achieve some amazing health results. If you’re new to the world of detoxification, here are five reasons why everyone should detox their body on a regular basis.

#1 Cleans Out the Waste in the Digestive Tract

Playing a key role in establishing good health, natural detoxification occurs in the body 24 hours a day, with the help of the liver and metabolic system. While the body, particularly the liver, does a good job of expelling toxins, a certain degree of build-up in the digestive tract can be expected over time, especially if the liver is over-burdened. A natural herbal detox will help eliminate the waste, so that the digestive tract can function properly.

#2 Reduces Inflammation and Prevents Chronic Diseases

Did you know that inflammation is the body’s way of telling you that there is a problem? When the liver, kidneys, and lymphatic system cannot do their jobs, inflammation occurs, and symptoms such as arthritis and other chronic pain conditions and cancers start to manifest. A good herb and mineral detox will reduce the inflammation by flushing out the lactic acid that builds up in your muscles and joints.

 #3 Strengthens the Immune System

Your immune system is vital to your health, but when the body is overloaded with toxins, the immune system weakens. Yes, toxins are what make you sick. Not only do they eat away at a good and healthy immune system, but they also disrupt your intestines, wreck your hormones, stagnate your lymphatic system, and block blood from flowing smoothly. If you’re someone who is constantly struggling with colds and flu, this means that your immune system is weak, which can affect your quality of life. A regular herbal detox will help strengthen your immune system to ward off sickness.

#4 Increases Energy Levels

Fatigue and brain fog are 21st-century ailments of toxicity in the body. As we detox our bodies to get rid of toxins, our mental state becomes clearer. You will have greater mental and emotional clarity. You will also sleep better, handle stressful situations with a clearer mind, make better decisions, and experience more energy during the daytime. In fact, when you detox on a regular basis, you can handle anything that life throws at you

#5 Aids in Rapid Weight Loss

Did you know that many toxins are lipophilic, which means that they are stored in body fat? This is why so many people find it impossible to burn fat and lose weight. Ultimately, a body that doesn’t detox naturally will prevent you from looking your best, which is why a regular herbal detox is so essential for those who are overweight.

Love Yourself Enough to Live a Healthy Lifestyle with Herbex

Many people are under the impression that detoxification is all about starving the body. Nothing could be further from the truth. Starvation diets are not a way to detox your body, but there are many natural powerful detox herbs that are excellent in ridding the body of toxins. To learn more about our super powerful herbal detox supplements, teas, tonics, concentrates, and shakes, chat with a Herbex representative today.


Any weight loss programme should start with a good detox! Why detox? To help your body eliminate waste product and toxins, that would otherwise make you feel sluggish and hold on to stored fats. Detoxing helps restore vitality and boosts your metabolism. The Herbex Detox range has been specially formulated with herbs that have a strong cleansing action to support the detoxification process. At Herbex we take a responsible approach to detoxing and you can read more about this topic on our Slimmers Support page. This range is available in the form of drops, tablets, concentrates and tea for your convenience and individual preference. Browse our selection of products today!

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    Good morning

    i just want to check if i used one of Herbex product and i don’t exercise , will i loose weight?

    • lindy

      Hi Penelope, Yes, you should, but it will be slower. You should try and eat correctly and do some form of exercise to speed the weight loss process up. Email me on for more info.