Rid Yourself of Excess Fat with Hlasela Amafutha Tea

Rid Yourself of Excess Fat with Hlasela Amafutha Tea

Attack and defend, or flee – what’s your strategy? Is it fight or flight? Some will say that attack is the best form of defence. In most instances, the sudden, strong adrenalin rush you experience when you get a fright or become fearful for your wellbeing or survival, causes one or the other response, usually completely involuntarily. It’s a snap decision or very close to this.

If you’re able to assess the risk or situation in an instant, and think on your feet, as it were, you’ll probably make the decision to flee, or stay and defend yourself. You’ll flee at high speed, running away as fast as your legs can carry you or probably even faster, because the adrenalin rush provides you with extra strength and speed.

For the same physiological reasons, you’ll have unexpected, sometimes super human strength to stay and fight, defend, or attack. The course of action you take depends largely on your personality characteristics or type, how you normally handle confrontation and the situation in which you find yourself.

This attack or defence mechanism, with or without an assessment of the situation and a reasoned response, applies to most human beings. Other mammal species will usually act instinctively. Exceptions tend to be rather rare. If an animal is confronted by another creature, probably a predator, from which it generally flees, it’ll do the same.

By the same token, if the confrontation takes place with a species on which the animal typically preys, the animal will attack, more often than not. Should the other animal run away, this fleeing action may trigger an irresistible attack response, whether the first creature is hungry or not. A cornered wild creature is also likely to attack when it is unable to flee or get away from its perceived threat.

Hlasela Amafutha – Attack the Fat

 There’s a time to attack – hlasela. If you look at your reflection in the mirror and you see a fat version of your former self looking back at you, and your formerly well-fitting clothes are too tight and appear to have shrunk all of a sudden, you may be carrying extra, unwanted fat – amafutha.

No one expects you to have a perfect body shape, nor should you. To do so is usually unrealistic. The pictures you see of slim, svelte celebrities in magazines and advertisements are often photo shopped, airbrushed or otherwise enhanced to present perfection, which in truth, does not exist. Don’t try to emulate an unrealistic image of another.

However, being overweight or obese is unhealthy. While you may see body fat in the mirror, as much fat, if not more, is deposited around your internal organs. Therein lies the strain on your body and its optimal function, as well as the danger presented by being overweight or simply put, fat.

Don’t run away or attempt to flee from these facts; they’ll follow you and stay with you wherever you go, unless you take action and do something about it. Instead, make the wise decision. Attack the fat – hlasela amafutha (“attack the fat” in Zulu). Remember, the sooner you launch your attack, the better, because it enables you to drop unwanted fat. The longer your body carries excess fat, the more difficult it is to shed it.

 Take the Tea

Hlasela amafutha – with the help of a healthy, natural herbal fat attacking tea, which is one of the easy-to-use products that make up our fat attacking range of products, which are specifically designed to assist your body to do the following:

  • Break down fat
  • Lose excess weight
  • Attack and burn the superfluous fat
  • Burn calories
  • Control appetite
  • Cleanse your body
  • Increase metabolism
  • Act as a mild laxative, aiding and improving your digestive system’s function

Losing weight can be tough if you feel that you’re at the mercy of uncontrolled weight gain, isolated and unsupported. Herbex Attack the Fat Tea not only provides you with assistance and support on your weight-loss journey, but the tea allows also you to regain control of your life, eliminating that awful feeling of being controlled by fat.

When combined with a healthier lifestyle that includes exercise, a balanced eating plan, and a positive attitude, you’ll attack the fat and win your own battle of the bulge, aided by a daily couple of cups of tasty, vanilla flavoured Hlasela Amafutha as your ally.

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