Shake up your shakes!


Herbex Slimmers Shakes are an easy way to supplement your healthy eating plan with calorie-controlled meals – especially when you’re on the go. Enjoy our 3 great flavours (they’re delicious just as they are!) or use these 7 tips for a taste shake-up:

1. Keep it cool. Use ice when whipping up a shake in your blender and enjoy a whole new taste sensation.

2. Get fresh. Change the texture and taste of your shake with fresh veggies or fruit – like berries, tropical fruit or citrus – the next time you’re blending up a shake.

3. Switch it. Replace water with fat-free milk, soy milk or fresh fruit juice to change the consistency and flavour.

4. Spice things up. Add a dash of nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla or other flavoured extracts for an exciting change of taste.

5. Go a little nuts. Add a boost of extra protein and flavour by adding a tablespoon of macadamia nut butter or natural peanut butter. Yum!

6. Freeze! Make your shake cool and refreshing by freezing fresh fruit and then popping it in the blender with your shake. Frozen bananas, cherries and berries are great ingredients to try.

7. Be dairy(ing). Get more calcium and a creamier texture by adding fat-free yoghurt. Just be sure to check the sugar content!

So whether you love our chocolate, strawberry or vanilla flavours just as they are (we do!), or like to keep your taste buds tantalised – keep it healthy with Herbex Slimmers Shakes!

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  1. ziyanda

    I love herbex

  2. Olivine Govender

    Thanks for the tips…I have just started using this product and these help alot!