Slimmers Capsules – Compact, Composite, and Coloured

Slimmers – Tablets or Capsules?

If asked, most people would surmise that tablets (medicine in a pill form) are a much older invention than capsules. Visually, the products are entirely different, although they serve the same fundamental purpose – the delivery of a medicine, nutrient, or supplement in a compact, solid form that is easily dispensed accurately by a pharmacist, as individual loose units, or wrapped and sealed in a foil, plastic, or glass container.

No Room for Errors

Each pill or capsule is identical to its counterparts in its formulation, ingredients, size, strength, and appearance, ensuring that the user repeatedly ingests the identical dosage, without any error or variation.

Compact, Composite, and Coloured

Tablets are made of a composite of powdered medicinal substances, compacted and pressed into a pill that holds its shape, form, and efficacy under normal circumstances – if it’s kept dry, at a suitable temperature, away from direct sunlight, air, and possible oxidation. Today, modern tablets are quite robust, not easily shattered, crushed, or broken.

The shapes are usually flat and circular, but may be square, diamond shaped, convex, or concave, or for that matter, any other shape for which modern production and packaging allows. The same applies to colours, which seldom have any relationship to the pill’s ingredients or purpose.

A distinctive colour simply makes it easier to distinguish one type or brand from the next. This also applies to the colours of capsules, which are often multi-coloured and bright. Scientific researchers ensure that dyes and colours used are non-toxic and safe for human (and animal) consumption, and that colouring agents don’t react with and affect the performance of medicinal ingredients.


Some manufacturers, patients, and consumers prefer capsules to tablets. It’s all to do with the ease or difficulty that the user has in swallowing the pill or tablet. Because of their narrow tubular shape and the gel-based covering of capsules, they’re exceptionally easy to swallow, even for those people who struggle to swallow a small solid object. Children are the exception. Most children’s remedies or supplements are manufactured in liquid form, the easiest to swallow.

The ultra-smooth gel type body of the capsule becomes slippery the moment it’s exposed to saliva or the liquid with which it’s taken, sliding comfortably and easily down the throat and oesophagus of the user, into the stomach, without causing a gag reflex or getting stuck somewhere along its journey to the intermediate gastric destination.

Once the object – capsule or tablet – encounters the digestive juices and enzymes inside the stomach, it dissolves and is distributed to the intended site/s, where it sets to work to accomplish its purpose. Capsules dissolve quickly, rapidly releasing the powdered formulation that’s encased in the two halves that fit together to form the body of the capsule.


 When one wants to get information on almost anything, Wikipedia is the “go to” source for millions of enquiring minds. Wikipedia indicates that pills may have been in use as long ago as 1 500 BC. The origins of so much that is taken for granted nowadays is to be found in ancient times, amongst ancient civilisations, most notably the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans, because they were meticulous keepers of records, which survived throughout the centuries.

Ancient Egyptians made small balls – pills – from a mixture of bread dough, honey, fat, medicinal spices, and dried, powdered plant matter. The ancient Greeks and Romans followed suit with their own formulations. During the 19th century in Europe, pills were sugar or gelatine coated, the latter a then new invention, likewise gelatine capsules. One William Brockedon, a British inventor, patented his pill-making invention, a machine that was designed to compact and shape powder into a tablet, free from any added adhesive substances.

Herbal Slimmers Supplements

 Herbex has been making herbal Slimmers supplements to aid the weight-loss process for some 25 years. Our Slimmers products are available in syrup, drop, powder, concentrate, tea, and tablet form, the latter our preference, rather than the capsule option.

In addition to several Slimmers ranges, other slimmers’ supplement ranges include Attack the Fat, Fat Burn, Detox, Booster, and Appetite Control. Tasty, nutritional teas and shakes are also on offer, ideal to replace a couple of daily cups of tea or coffee, while supporting your natural, herbal slimming programme. Explore our Slimmers range today and find what will suit you the best.

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