Slimmers Weight-Loss Supplements

Slimmers Weight-Loss Supplements

For approximately 25 years, Herbex has been involved in studying the changes in weight of the overall South African population, assessing the ever-increasing tendency of weight gain and obesity among South Africans. Alarmed by the gathered information and statistics, we set about designing, developing, manufacturing, and supplying natural, herbal Slimmers tablets and other weight-loss products to the considerable and still growing numbers of overweight people in the country.

No One Deliberately Becomes Fat

No one deliberately sets out to gain weight or become overweight, fat, obese, or morbidly obese. Almost everybody wants the body, weight, and appearance of their pre- weight-gain days, or unrealistically, the looks one sees in the pages of a fashion, film, or celebrity magazine. The former is understandable and largely attainable, while the latter is not wise, sensible, or even achievable in real life.

Body Perfection Doesn’t Exist

Modern photographic techniques and computer programs enable the accomplishment of large-scale photographic or graphic enhancements, reductions, and alterations, almost to the point where the original subject of the picture is unrecognisably perfect. Such perfection just does not actually exist in real life. Those who aim to achieve it are in for a big disappointment, and will invariably feel let down and defeated.

Like Yourself, and Improve Where you Can

It is so important to accept, like, and appreciate yourself – warts and all. No one is perfect. However, when and where there is room for improvement, you owe it to yourself to do so – not because you want to resemble or become someone else, but because you’re worthy of being or becoming the best version of your own unique self. Here, we refer specifically to excessive weight gain, obesity, and slimming down to a weight that is commensurate with your gender, physical characteristics, age, health, and physical activity levels.

Use a Little Slimmers Help

In the Beatles’ hit song, a Lennon-McCartney composition called “With a Little Help from my Friends”, the main lyrical line tells us that the vocalist “gets by with a little help from my [his] friends”, implying that getting by, managing, or coping without their assistance might be difficult, unpleasant, or even impossible. The raspy voiced Joe Cocker either agreed with the sentiments expressed in the song, or simply liked the song enough to record it too. His version also proved to be popular and successful for him.

In the same way as that with which the Beatles got by, you too may cope better with achieving a successful outcome on your weight-loss journey with a little help from your slimming friends, designed and supplied by Herbex, a significant role player in the field of herbal weight-loss aids.

Obtaining Herbex Slimmers Tablets

 At Herbex, we’ve concluded agreements to stock and retail our health and slimming solutions via a host of well-known South African pharmacy and supermarket retail groups throughout the country, giving you, our customers, unparalleled easy and convenient access to the slimming tablets and healthy weight-loss ranges which we produce.

These retail outlets include:

  • Dis-Chem
  • Checkers
  • Clicks
  • Spar
  • Pick n Pay
  • Game
  • OK Foods
  • Shoprite
  • Makro

The Functions of Slimmers Tablets

 We offer seven effective, healthy product ranges under the “Slimmers” banner. Slimmers Original Tablets in packets of 60 tabs are among these options. The tablets contain 20 natural herbal ingredients, each of which is compatible and functions in conjunction with the beneficial properties of the others. The precise details of the tablets’ active herbal components are listed here on our website.

In order to help control your appetite, boost the metabolism of fats, and detoxify your system, while aiding the digestive system and acting as a diuretic, gentle laxative, liver tonic, and nutritive supplement, two Herbex Slimmers Tablets should be taken daily – one 15 minutes before breakfast and the other before supper.

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