Slimmers Tea testimonials

 We are very proud of Bro-zann*. She lost her unwanted weight with Herbex Slimmers Tea. Her story in her own words below:

 Losing weight… one cup at a time

“I was always tired and lazy. I was not much fun to be around and was not able to play with the kids!

I have three boys. My sex life was a disaster because I had no energy. My self- esteem was very low. When I looked at myself, I felt ugly, fat and uncomfortable and I soon went into a depression.

Then I discovered Herbex Eat Less Tea!

I started using the Herbex Eat Less Tea from February 2012 at which time I weighed 68.2kg.

Since then I have lost a lot of weight. I now weigh 52.6kg; I lost a total of 15.6kg in 9 months.

BEFORE: "My self-esteem was very low... I wasn't much fun to be around"

AFTER: The NEW Bro-zann*... her confidence glows!

Now, I am really feeling like a new person. I feel and look gorgeous, beautiful and sexy! My social life is great and at work things are going from good to excellent!!I even got a PA job offer which I am going to start in January 2013.

Words can’t explain how I am feeling, “I FEEL WONDERFUL”

My body shape is great; energy levels are at 110%.

My skin has less pimples and marks than before and I sleep like a baby.

My sex life is great! My fiancé is very happy, my female colleagues are jealous and my bosses are very impressed, I can’t complain, I am very happy.

 I’ll recommend it to everyone who wants to lose weight.

I just love the new ME!!”

Bro-zann* at her photoshoot with us in Cape Town, November 2012


 November 2012, Bro-zann Delisha Markgraaf*


Bro-zann* was committed to her weight-loss goals and it paid off. Well done, you are an inspiration to all of us. xx Herbex


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  1. Otillia

    Does herbex fat attack work the same as herbex tea

    • Herbex Team

      Hi Otillia

      So both products are similar in ingredients and function, they both increase your metabolism, burns fat and assists with appetite control.

      The attack the fat would just contain higher dosage of these herbs with some additional herbs to increase the potency and provide with more health benefits such as the Attack the Fat acting as a mild laxative to improve elimination and digestive health.

      These additional benefits could lead to seeing results much sooner.

  2. Precious

    Elow I have started to use herbex tea I want to know that can I use one tea bag twice

    • Herbex Support

      Hi there,

      Yes, you most certainly may.

      Kind regards,
      Team Herbex

  3. Lebogang

    I have plantation and u started using herbex tea so dey say it won’t work is it true nd m drinking 1 cup per day will I remove my belly fat

    • Herbex Support

      Hi There,

      We recommend that you take extra precaution when using any form of contraceptive while using Herbex Health. It is best that you consult your doctor, alternatively extra protection is always the safest option.

      Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions

      All the best,

  4. Charlotte

    How many times daily must you drink it

    • Herbex

      Hi Charlotte

      You can have up to 4 cups of tea for the day

  5. faith

    any effects ??? wanna try this

    • Herbex

      Hi Faith

      You body will go through a Detox, which could last a week. With the detox you might get a slight headache.

  6. jj

    hi i want to lose weight so bad can i use the fat burning tea wont it interfere with my prevention pills cz i want to start soon

    • Herbex

      Hi Aluwani

      Thank you for your question.

      You should treat Herbex like you would any new medication while taking contraceptives. While our products are safe to use in conjunction with contraceptives, we would recommend using extra protection in the first 2-3 weeks while you detox and your body adjusts to the herbs.

  7. Puntsa

    My name is faith I’m struggling with my weight today I’m starting burn fat tea with diet plan I will post again next Saturday my current weight is 89kg

    • Herbex

      Great, thanks Puntsa! Looking forward to your updates!

  8. fatsani

    Wooow thus fantastic

  9. Nicole Govender

    I actually feel the difference. I have been tring to loose waight from a long time but when i tried herbex fat burn syrup and eat less tea i find it easier.
    In 2 weeks i lost almost kgs , i weighed 75 kh now Im 70Kgs.
    My goal is 50kg..
    So herebx does work i can see the difference.

  10. fairuze

    I have been using the fat burning tea for 3 weeks now and feel absolutely amazing.everyone i know has been commenting on my weight loss and i feel absolutely awsome.i have a confidence that has been modelled by me using the tea.

    • Renee

      That’s wonderful feedback, thanks so much Fairuze! Keep up the good work!

  11. Vanessa

    Wow. Im so motivated by your success story. Did you exercise ? Or just drank the tea only.

  12. Aneesa Arendse

    You look stunning , i started using it for a week now and i can feel the difference

  13. Ronelle Londt

    U look great girl im starting with the fat burning tea today need to get my groove back

  14. Janice

    Wow, you look amazing and really inspired me. I am using Herbex as well now and enjoy the tea. And every time I see you picture on the box I tell myself that this is going to be me next. You really inspire me. My goal is also to lose 15 kg. And I believe that I will get there. Thank you

  15. Tshegofatso Tuba

    wow!dear you look great,you have just motivated me to use the herbex slimmers’s tea.thank you


      wow,wow,you look wonderful,i’m looking forward to this challenge

  16. Angelique

    hi Bro – Zann. you look stunning.
    you are movitvating me to continue.

    i have also been feeling tired, miserable

  17. felicia Jacobs

    hi my friend im so proud of you, you are that one person I can look up to this is just a motivation for me that anything is possible if you put your mind to it you did it!!!!!!!!!!! lol don’t forget me now mwha love you lots

  18. Roowyda

    You look stining girl and i think know people will really be motivated to loose wight cause you make it look sooooooooo easy

  19. Anushka

    OMG,wow!!!! I didn’t think it was possible, you have given me the confidence that I have been lacking, I am now highly motivated to start my weight loss journey!

  20. Cris

    My skin has less pimples and makes me feel better.