Slimming Survival at the Restaurant

Slimming survival at the restaurant.

Just because you are eating healthy, doesn’t mean you can’t visit a restaurant every now and then. Here are some ideas to help you when eating out these holidays.

Drink plenty of water or other calorie-free beverages
A great idea is to order sparkling water as your first drink when you arrive at the restaurant instead of an alcoholic drink. 

Are you really hungry?
Keeping your portions reasonable will help you get a realistic picture of your feelings of hunger and fullness. Hunger is your body’s way of telling you that you need fuel, so when craving doesn’t come from hunger, eating will never satisfy it. It could be that you’re thirsty instead. Remember, when you’ve finished eating, you should feel better, not bloated or tired.  

Order half portions in restaurants
When you’re eating out, don’t deprive yourself of something you enjoy. Choose a half or children’s portion as an easy way to trim your calorie intake and get your portions under control too.

Swap a cup of pasta for a cup of vegetables
Vegetables are rich in fibre and will help food pass through the digestive system more easily. You can save a lot of calories per meal if you replace some of your carbohydrates with veggies. But please remember not to cut out your carbs – for healthy sustainable weight-loss, you need a balanced diet from all the food groups.

Changing your habits into good ones that you can easily implement for years, instead of just weeks, will help you to be successful in achieving your goal of healthy weight-loss. Small changes can make big differences to your health.

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  1. pinkie

    I think this is one I’m so bad at, taking control of my appetite especially when I go out there’s so much to choose from