Stay warm this winter while still losing weight

Winter is here, and for many of us, it’s the time we let go a little. After all – that extra layer is going to help keep us warm, right? But staying warm doesn’t have to result in picking up weight. Here’s how stay warm this winter while still losing weight:

Eat warm meals at least twice a day. Warm food makes you feel warm, and your body will lose less energy as it won’t have to warm up the food before digesting it.

Don’t forget your fruit and veggies. Getting enough vitamins and minerals will help keep up your body’s immunity and help regulate your digestive system. Adding veggies to your curries and stews is an easy way to ensure that you eat enough.

Spice it up. Spices not only warm up the body, they also kill bacteria, help fight colds, improve metabolism and support digestion – which all lead to slimming.

Choose soups. Soups consist mostly of water, which makes them an ideal weight-friendly meal, especially if they’re packed with vegetables and spices.

Keep sipping for slimming. Instead of rich hot chocolates or high-fat lattes, sip on Herbex Herbal Teas. Our great-tasting Fat Burn and Eat-Less teas will not only warm you up, but also help dull your appetite to prevent constant winter snacking and assist your body in burning fat with every delicious sip.

Never use alcohol to warm you up. While you might feel hot after a few sips of alcohol, it will also make you more prone to overeat or make poor food choices. Plus, while there’s alcohol in your system, your body doesn’t burn any of the fat that you eat – causing it to be directly absorbed by fat cells.

Snuggle up. Cold, dark winter days mean a slower metabolism and bigger need for sleep. Getting to bed earlier in winter helps to stabilise your mood, stops you from midnight snacking and improves the quality of your sleep.

Slimmers Eat-Less Tea
Fat Burn Herbal Tea

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  1. tRACEY


    • Herbex Team

      Hi Tracey. Thanks for your message. Unfortunately our cereal has been discontinued. Have you tried our Slimmers Shakes?

  2. Deidre

    Simply love your herbal teas,it taste devine. Will definately buy the other 2 teas aswell,cause who doesn’t want to be sipping for slimming. Its THAT easy!!! <3