Stay weight wise at work this festive season


You’re probably really good at eating healthily at work. You pack nutritious lunches, avoid the canteen and ignore any afternoon sugar cravings.

Until now.

The Festive Season Food Fairies are out in full force. And you can only say ‘no’ so many times before diving head-first into the cookies, fruit cake and other ‘treats’ going around.

What to do?

Tip #1
Bring healthy snacks from home. This way you won’t be at the mercy of the tray of mince pies or box of chocolates brought in by a co-worker.

Tip #2
Keep planning ahead and packing your lunch. If you go to the effort of making and bringing a healthy salad or sandwich, you’re more likely to eat it and ignore the tempting alternatives.

Tip #3
Eat when you’re hungry. If you get mid-morning hunger pangs, eat a healthy snack. If you wait until lunchtime when you are starved, you may eat more than you intended and make less healthy food choices.

Tip #4
Find time for a walk. Try to get up out of your chair and walk around every day. Add a walk around the building to your lunch-hour routine, or take the stairs.

Tip #5
Avoid stress snacking. Stress at work is unavoidable, but you can control how you respond to it. Instead of grabbing a chocolate, do some deep breathing and stretching, or talk to a co-worker who always makes you smile.

Tip #6
Track your habits. Keeping a food diary is a great way to see what, when and why you eat, especially with lots of work lunches and drinks sneaking in during the festive period.

Tip #7
Stay inspired. Find something to help you remember to stick to your weight management goals like an inspirational quote, a photo on your computer screen, or a clipping of a reward you will give yourself for your success.

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