Suffering from uncontrollable snack attacks?


SNACK ATTACK 1: You snack as soon as you get home from work.

Solution: Don’t let yourself get so hungry that you’ll eat anything you see at home. Pack a healthy snack to have in the car or on the bus on your way home. This should carry you through to dinner time.

SNACK ATTACK 2: You’re good all week, but go off the rails on weekends.

Solution: Plan to give yourself a mini-treat once over the weekend. Knowing that something nice is waiting for you, should keep you away from the bad stuff for the rest of the weekend, and make you feel less deprived.

SNACK ATTACK 3:  You have no control when you’re with friends.

Solution: We grow up associating socialising with eating. Rather than going for dinner and drinks, organise to meet your friends for coffee, or catch up while having a revitalising walk.

SNACK ATTACK 4:  You can’t say no to the chip-and-dip at social events.

Solution: Offer to take the snacks to social events and you’ll always have lots of healthy and delicious snacks to enjoy.

SNACK ATTACK 5:  You really feel like a snack at tea time at work. Every day.

Solution: Once again, planning is key. If you know that 3:30pm is when you go sniffing around the cafeteria for a packet of chips, then make sure you have some healthy snacks handy when it’s that time of the day.

SNACK ATTACK 6: A colleague brought cake to work for her birthday, and you feel too bad to say no.

Solution: This one requires a bit more self-control. Accept the cake, but tell the birthday girl that you’re saving it for later. As soon as the coast is clear, give it away to someone else and reward yourself with one of your healthy snacks.

SNACK ATTACK 7:  Hubby and the kids love to enjoy snacks after dinner while watching TV.

Solution: Make yourself a delicious cup of coffee or a cup of refreshing tea while the rest of the family is snacking. Alternatively, go and brush your teeth for a fresh-mouth feel.

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