Taking your body measurements

Body Measurement TIPS:

Taking your body measurements is an excellent way to keep track of your changing shape as you get fit.

When you burn fat and increase your muscle mass, you may weigh a bit more even though your body is getting tighter and smaller. Here is how you take 10 different body measurements. Remember to keep your muscles relaxed while you’re measuring.

Don’t squish yourself — measure all the way around your bust and back right at your nipple line, and make sure the tape measure is not lower.

Measure under your breasts but as high up as you can go, keeping the tape measure parallel to this line when you reach it around your back.

Measure wherever it is the smallest (if you have “no waist” go around yourself right at the navel line).

Measure at the very biggest part — even if that is so low that you are almost on the top of your thighs.

Measure midway between the very biggest part of your hips and your waist.

Measure wherever they are the biggest.

Measure right above the knee.

Measure wherever they are the biggest.

Upper arm:
Measure wherever they are biggest above your elbows.

Measure wherever they are biggest below your elbows.

Remeasure yourself every couple of months. It may seem discouraging to see your body measurements when you start a diet plan, but once your begin to see results, the feeling of accomplishment is wonderful. Even if you have been on a program for a while, it’s not too late — it is great to watch your body continue to change.


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  1. linda

    Thank you very much for this tip. Sometimes really I get discouraged when I weigh myself in the scale its like there is nothing happening but now I will try this method and see what will happen.

    Best Regards