Teamwork – The new weight loss secret

Gone are the days when weight loss struggles were a ‘dirty little secret’. More and more people are making their healthy weight journey a team effort – and the results speak for themselves.

There’s a reason why it works. Research has proven that if you want to adopt and maintain new habits, it helps to not do it alone.

Here are some teamwork ideas, based on your personality:

You can’t resist a challenge:
If you excel in a competitive environment, rope in some colleagues and start your own Biggest Loser contest in the workplace. Have people sign up in teams to compete against each other with a cash prize for the team that loses the biggest percentage of weight.

Why it works:
Since your team has to win as a group, every member has a stake in the other members’ success. The result is lots of support and positive peer pressure. And the desire to beat the other teams adds to the excitement and motivation of the competition.

You don’t perform well under pressure:
If you’re someone who does best when given lots of encouragement while being able to share your ups and downs, join our Facebook community. Here you’ll get support, real-life inspiration, success stories, failure stories, recipes, tips and much more.

Why it works:
You get to connect with people who have the same struggles and challenges as you, and their support and advice are available 24/7.

You’re too accommodating:
Making healthy choices is extra hard if your partner isn’t supportive. Ask your partner to join you, and then turn it into a challenge. Each one gets to choose their prize (this could be a lot of fun!) if they lose the biggest percentage of weight or number of centimetres.

Why it works:
No more broccoli for you while he munches on pizza. If you’re both committed to getting healthy, you’re much more likely to succeed. And working out together is fun!

You suffer from FOMO:
A healthy lifestyle often means saying no to stuff like joining friends for drinks after work, going for sundowners or overindulging on junk food at girl’s night. If you suffer from Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO), get your friends to join you in getting healthy, and swop the booze and bad food for walks, gym sessions and healthy food.

Why it works:
By getting your friends involved and doing healthy activities together, you won’t have to miss out on any girl time. And they’ll probably thank you once they feel the difference your new, healthy get-togethers make!

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