After giving birth to my second son, I had gained so much weight. Before I knew it, I was pregnant again. I gained more weight with my third pregnancy and by 2022 I weighed 83kgs. My biggest issue with the weight gain was that I was constantly tired and never seemed to have the energy to do anything. My skin was so dull and no matter what I tried, it didn’t seem to work. I hated going out with my family, whether it was to restaurants or events. I knew something had to change, but I felt so far off I didn’t know where to start.

In July 2022, I saw the Herbex 12-week Challenge. It was the motivation I needed to do something about my weight. I had just finished weaning my little one and felt like I was all out of excuses. I thought the competition was a great challenge and I know that I am very competitive.

The biggest challenge during the first week was drinking water. The Herbex Attack the Fat Mix n Drink was a game changer for me. It helped increase my water intake to 3-4 litres. The first noticeable changes I saw was the improvement in my skin texture. I was starting to look like me again. On weeks when I had Attack the Fat Mix n Drink in the mornings, I noticed my weight loss improved and I had more energy throughout the day. I also began to walk more (at least an hour a day). I used also use the Attack the Fat Tablets as per the instructions. With consistency, I was able to lose around 14kgs.

After I reached 69kgs I reached a weightloss plateau, I decided to switch up products and started using Fat Burn Concentrate as well as the Fat Burn Tea. This worked wonderfully and within a month I was at my goal weight of 64kgs. I have been maintaining my weight by using Fat Burn Tea and Fat Burn Concentrate. With Herbex, I was able to maintain this and I’m very happy with the products. It is affordable, tastes greats and works wonders. The biggest take away from losing weight was not just looking good, but proving to myself that discipline, hard work and consistency are tried and true. By losing weight I really learned a lot about myself and how If you really put your mind to something, you can really achieve anything.


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