The Difference Between Synthetic and Natural Fat Burning Pills

The Difference Between Synthetic and Natural Fat Burning Pills

Looking for an easy way to burn fat before the summer months kick in? We do not blame you. Being overweight can be a difficult thing. Not only can you feel heavy, bloated, and unhealthy, but your self-esteem can also take a huge dip. Depression can creep in, and it can be hard to feel normal and healthy. As one of the leading authorities on weight loss and wellbeing, we are here to tell you that there is no need to panic or become desperate. If truth be told, the winter months are known to be a time where we pack on the pounds, but it can easily be lost by eating and supplementing wisely.

If you are one of the many overweight South Africans who are looking for an easy way to burn fat and reduce belly bloat, you might consider visiting your GP for some synthetic prescription fat burning pills. Without a doubt, synthetic fat burning pills are the most controversial weight loss supplements on the international market, and for good reason. Why? Because synthetic fat burning pills have a track record of being potentially dangerous.

The Truth About Synthetic Fat Burning Pills

It is no secret that a new generation of fat burning supplements, which are touted as safe, has hit the weight loss scene. Marketed as a quick fix to a long-term problem, most synthetic fat burning pills typically work by heating up your body, increasing your metabolism, and causing you to burn fat at an accelerated rate. However, these magic pills by no means work in isolation.

Packed with a substance known as ephedrine, some synthetic diet pills have effects that include increased heart rate, high blood pressure, decreased circulation, insomnia, a weakened immune system, dehydration, nervousness, anxiety, aggressive behaviour, and emotional mood swings. In extreme cases, people suffering from these side effects have a heightened risk of addiction and self-harm. Does not sound too good now, does it?

The Benefits of Natural Fat Burners

While science has proven that the body requires exercise and diet to get rid of excess weight, you can speed up your results with natural fat burners. Weight loss does not need to be a dangerous act, and if you are looking for a more natural alternative to weight loss that does not entail swallowing a cocktail of chemicals, then you can turn to natural fat burning pills.

Choose supplements that are made from fresh natural plants, such as green tea, guarana, garcinia cambogia, siberian ginseng, cayenne pepper, and ginger rhizome, rather than a combination of synthetic chemicals. Unlike ephedrine-based fat burning pills, natural fat burning pills have absolutely no side effects, and will not cause damage to your body or mental health.

Choose Your Health with Herbex

We are proud to be an award-winning weight loss brand in the health and weight loss industry, we have successfully been helping thousands of men and women achieve their weight loss and health goals for the past 20 years. We are firm believers in natural methods, and we believe that Mother Nature has gifted us with many magnificent things, including herbs and plants. We have taken earth’s most powerful fat burning herbs, and created a wide range of natural fat burning pills and concentrates to suit all types of lifestyles.

At Herbex, we believe that no one should have to put their health at risk just because of their weight. After years of successfully helping people lose weight with our natural herb and plant products, we believe that the best way to achieve weight loss and optimal health is the natural way. Unfortunately, whether you are taking synthetic or natural fat burning pills, if your goal is to get a smaller butt and a lean tummy, taking pills alone is not going to get the job done when it comes to fat loss. You need to put in the extra work. Sure, while natural fat burning pills will definitely accelerate the fat loss process, it is recommended that you follow a healthy diet and exercise regimen. To learn more about our powerful range of natural fat burning pills, contact one of our reps today.

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  1. Tshidi

    Good day. Kindly advise. I would like to loose close to 10kg my worry is that I use pills for family planning. Should I be worried?? Thank you

    • Herbex Support

      Hi Tshidi
      You should treat Herbex like you would any new medication while taking contraceptives. While our products are safe to use in conjunction with contraceptives, we would recommend using extra protection in the first 2-3 weeks while you detox and your body adjusts to the herbs.