Tips for and Trends in Healthy Weight Loss

Tips for and Trends in Healthy Weight Loss

Weight loss, just like so many other life changes that one may want or need to make, is at least a twofold process, ideally threefold, if you’d like to make the process more effective and the results longer lasting, preferably permanent, with an outcome that is indeed personally satisfying and completely successful.

Eating, Lifestyle, and Supplements

Our three principle elements consist of adopting a heathy, balanced eating plan, not only while losing weight, but forever. Secondly, making healthy lifestyle changes, including the introduction of regular exercise. Thirdly, make use of healthy herbal weight loss/slimming supplements to support your body, help achieve desired results from your programme, and maintain your subsequent goal weight.

No Magic Bullet

Unfortunately, there’s no miracle, magic bullet for losing weight. If there was, no one would be overweight.

Breaking Harmful Habits

Whether we like to admit it or not, human beings are creatures of habit, as much as they strive for freedom in most respects. If eating too much or over-eating is your thing, it becomes a habit, one that may well worsen and become more extreme as you continue eating your way towards obesity – the worldwide scourge that causes health risks and lifestyle problems in the 21st century.

Habits are notoriously difficult to break. Many replace one habit with another, rather than breaking a habit completely. If this works for you when you wish to make a change and break a habit that’s bad for you, do ensure that your new replacement is a better, healthier choice.


However, eating too much, more than your body requires vis-à-vis the type and amount of energy you expend, is not the only factor that determines excessive body weight. Exercise is essential for one’s overall health, wellbeing, strength, and fitness.

Likewise, regular exercise, particularly cardio training, plays an important role in maintaining the holistic health of the outer body and all the vital internal organs. It’s also fundamental to healthy weight loss and weight control. Weight training helps to build strength, flexibility, and bone density, all very important elements as one attempts to age well.

What You Eat Versus How Much of It

In addition to exercising regularly, at least 3 to 4 times per week for a minimum of one hour per session, if possible, what one eats is almost more important than how much is consumed. Most popular fast foods, which are high in fat, oil, salt, sugar, and carbohydrates, are a no-no if you want to lose weight and keep it off, look after your nutrition, and maintain a balanced lifestyle.

Commercially popular fast foods tend to be tasty and appealing to the palate because many components are fried. High fat and oil content enhances the flavours which busy, modern city dwellers love and crave. Many snack foods fall into the same category, which is why they’re such hot favourites.

Buy good-quality, fresh ingredients and prepare your own balanced healthy meals. Snacking is fine too, providing that you snack on healthy alternatives – fresh fruits, salad, carrot sticks, a small quantity of raw nuts, or a moderate portion of a low-fat protein.

More Healthy Tips

  • Eat three balanced, healthy, and nutritional meals daily, controlling portion size where necessary. Your portion size is just as important as what you eat.
  • If hungry between meals, ensure that snack foods are healthy, as mentioned.

 Be patient. Don’t starve yourself to achieve a quick loss of weight, which might work, but with one major drawback – you’ll put as much weight as you’d lost right back on again, and then some, when you stop watching your diet, at a much faster rate than the initial weight loss.

Patience Pays

Some people become a little obsessed with the bathroom scale, weighing themselves daily or each time they go into the bathroom. They feel demotivated or depressed if they haven’t lost more weight every day, becoming tempted to give up on slimming down. Avoid being one of them. Be patient.

Sometimes, you may not lose weight for a couple of days, because you’ve reached a weight plateau; your slimming progress has become stagnant. Make a small dietary or exercise adjustment, and off you go again, eagerly pursuing your weight-loss goal with healthy enthusiasm and motivated perseverance.

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